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Based in China, Jasonwell designs and manufactures water fun lifestyle products. While most of their products are inflatable pool floats, their website offers some additional products?prinklers, children? toys, and even a small, foldable dog bath pool.

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  • Based in China, Jasonwell designs and manufactures water fun lifestyle products. While most of their products are inflatable pool floats, their website offers some additional products?prinklers, children? toys, and even a small, foldable dog bath pool.
  • Jasonwell’s pool floats are fun and quirky: designs include diamond ring-shaped inner tubes, colorful fruit-themed floats like the avocado-shaped inflatable pool float, with a removable brown beach ball that acts as the avocado’s pit. While most of their products are single-person rafts and inner tubes, some are capable of carrying multiple people—their giant inflatable unicorn float is designed to hold 2 adults—and a few of their designs are intended for group and party use: they offer some floating drink holders and even an inflatable beer pong table (currently out of stock…it must be popular).
  • Made from thick, soft, raft-grade, UV-resistant material, Jasonwell pool floats are durable and built to last—and the plastic used doesn’t contain phthalates, chemicals found in a wide range of cosmetic products, toys, food packaging, and pharmaceuticals. Often called plasticizers, phthalates are often used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break. The study of phthalates and their effects on the human body are inconclusive and ongoing, but CDC research has found measurable levels of phthalates in the general population, and some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive systems of laboratory animals. So Jasonwell’s non-phthalate products may be a safer alternative to older pool floats.
  • While you can purchase many products directly from Jasonwell’s website, a wider range of Jasonwell products are easy to find on Amazon and other online marketplaces—and often for a lower price than on the company’s website. A cursory Amazon search brings up a host of Jasonwell items that are not listed on the Jasonwell website, like a giant Tyrannosaurus floatie—and the floating beer pong table that has sold out on the website is currently available on Amazon.
Price range $14.99 - $36.99

Jasonwell pool floats and inner tubes range in price from $14.99 for their more basic, circular inner tubes to $36.99 for a Pegasus-shaped inflatable pool float, but most of their floats are the $20-30 range. The floating drink holders are a little less expensive (they?e intended for beverages, not people)?hey?l run you $13 or $14, depending on the size?nd their unicorn-shaped inflatable sprinkler is their most expensive product at $37.99.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Jasonwell's pricing is comparable to Intex's, for the most part. Many of Intex's floats are noticeably less expensive than Jasonwell's but those cheaper options are also smaller or more basic than Jasonwell? offerings (a basic rectangular inflatable mat costs $10, but it? nowhere near as fun-looking as a giant unicorn float). Larger Intex floats are comparable to Jasonwell, with the exception of Intex kayaks (which are in the $300+ range) and some of their larger luxury pool floats?ike Intex? Canopy Island, a semi-covered inflatable lounger that costs $124. As for Sunny Life's luxe designs, Jasonwell has them beaten on price--Sunny Life's golden swan float costs $70, while a similar design from Jasonwell sells for only $34.


Reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive; their giant inflatable unicorn pool float has a rating of 4.5 stars with over 5,000 ratings?nd Jasonwell International? Amazon seller profile page shows that of the 9,679 reviews their products have garnered, 99% were positive.

The Jasonwell website is simple and easy to navigate, providing detailed instructions for the inflation, set-up, and long-term maintenance of their products.

Jasonwell sells individual items to their customers, but also offers wholesale purchases of their products. So if you want to purchase a large quantity of Jasonwell pool floats for resale purposes, Jasonwell makes it easy?ust check the ?holesale Market·page listed under the ?eals·menu on their website.

Jasonwell pool floats are easy to inflate quickly with a Jasonwell portable electric air pump (available on their website and online marketplaces like Amazon), but can also be inflated using a blow dryer just make sure that you set it to blow cold air only, as hot air might damage the plastic and compromise the integrity of the float.


While the Jasonwell website is simple and easy to navigate, it seems out of date—they offer a “Deal of the Day”, which is a coupon for a product by Jasonwell or an affiliate company…but an attempt to claim the coupon results in a message saying “sorry, sale has ended”. It’s unclear if the company ran out of coupons in a single day, or if the “Deal of the Day” is less of a daily offering than advertised.

While these floats are technically one-size-fits-all, that also means that each product only comes in one size—and not all can fit. A customer answering a peer’s question about Jasonwell’s inflatable shark inner tube claims to barely fit, and she says that she’s 5’7” tall and of average build.

Some customer reviews say that Jasonwell floats quickly lose air after a couple of uses, with one review claiming that the Jasonwell giant inflatable T-Rex float developed a leak after two days of floating—and having not been used. The negative reviews are few, so these leaks may be due to a manufacturing defect in some select items—but the Jasonwell website recommends deflating, folding flat, and storing after each use, so the floats may not be intended to sit in a pool all summer long.

Customers looking to return a Jasonwell product that they bought from the manufacturer are responsible for the shipping costs of returned purchases—since the company’s headquarters are in China, that adds up to a very costly return for international customers, and the shipping cost might defeat the point of seeking a refund in the first place.


All of the models displaying the pool floats on the Jasonwell website are young women, and the options given on the website seem to be geared more toward women than men—the designs are cute and colorful, not traditionally masculine in style. The offerings on Amazon and other online marketplaces show that Jasonwell does manufacture more diverse products: in addition to the avocado and unicorn floats that can be found on the Jasonwell website, Amazon offers dinosaur and shark floats—for those who prefer

How long does the product last?

Reviews are mostly favorable, but some customers have had experiences with products that started leaking within a short amount of time?his could be due to a number of issues, including climate and air pressure. Jasonwell recommends that customers deflate and store the floats between uses, which is not how most people use inflatable pool floats, but they might hold up better if the maintenance instructions are followed to the letter.


The Jasonwell website offers a “Deal of the Day” but upon further examination the deal has expired—it might be less of a daily deal than advertised. You can also sign up for Jasonwell’s mailing list to receive 10% off, and the website offers a price break per item to wholesale purchasers.


Jasonwell pool floats are recommended for ages 8 & up, so they make great gifts for almost anybody. And while most of their products are pool floats, they also feature some products that don’t require access to pools and other bodies of water—the stand-alone sprinkler can be set up in any backyard, and their magnetic tile building blocks make for an educational and creative gift that can be used year-round, regardless of the weather outside. Many customer reviews claim that Jasonwell products were purchased as gifts—and that they’re perfect for that purpose.


Customer reviews rate Jasonwell customer service very highly. Even a one-star review on Amazon for a leaky dog bath pool was edited to say “the customer service for this product is wonderful…I will buy from this company again.” The Jasonwell website provides an email and a skype handle for customer service and wholesale inquiries. But seeing as how customers who purchase through the Jasonwell website can only make returns by shipping their order to China, it might be wise for any American customers to purchase their Jasonwell products through Amazon—at any rate, there is much more variety in Jasonwell’s offerings on Amazon than on their own website.

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Jasonwell’s pool floats are packaged in simple cardboard boxes, seemingly intended just for a single-use. The company’s foldable dog bath pool comes wrapped in plastic, inside a basic cardboard box, and the magnetic building blocks come in a hefty, reusable cardboard package.


The Jasonwell website offers a few shipping options, often fulfilled via Amazon to ensure low costs to both the purchaser and the manufacturer. Standard shipping is free for orders over $25.