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Peloton offers two treadmills and two bike options. The first treadmill option is called the Peloton Tread and the second is the Peloton Tread Plus. Both the Peloton Tread and the Peloton Tread Plus have the option of adding resistance bands, weights, heart monitors, workout mats, and other essentials for a user's full body workout. The Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike Plus also include add ons that an individual can add for their bike workout. The add ons are shoes, bike weights, headphones, heart rate monitor, a bike mat, and water bottles. The Peloton Bikes and Treds are meant for an instructed total body workout on and off the machines.

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  • Peloton offers two treadmills and two bike options. The first treadmill option is called the Peloton Tread and the second is the Peloton Tread Plus. Both the Peloton Tread and the Peloton Tread Plus have the option of adding resistance bands, weights, heart monitors, workout mats, and other essentials for a user's full body workout. The Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike Plus also include add ons that an individual can add for their bike workout. The add ons are shoes, bike weights, headphones, heart rate monitor, a bike mat, and water bottles. The Peloton Bikes and Treds are meant for an instructed total body workout on and off the machines.
  • Peloton Bikes and Treds have HD screens attached to their fronts with on-demand classes that range from 5 to 90 minutes. They are live on the Peloton app. There are weekly classes with real-time instructors. There are diverse class types that have different themes, difficulty levels, and music genres. They also have classes with live DJ's, classes that are low-impact, uphill geared classes, low impact classes, intervals and arms classes, a signature series, and classes for the bike or tred beginner. All of the classes are taught by top-performing fitness instructors and trainers, and cater to the user skill level.
  • On the Peloton website, there are 34 instructors to choose from. Users can review on the Peloton website the trainers that will be instructing their classes by clicking on the "Glasses" tab, then the sub-tab "Instructors". There are yoga instructors, tred instructors, bike instructors, and versatile instructors that teach both bike and yoga or bike and tread. A user can read about these instructors before taking a class or even before purchasing a Peloton machine. It's a lot like a gym setting, where an individual can pick who their instructor is, what time they want to go to their live classes, and who they're going to be in class with. For example, a user can click on one of the instructors, in this case, Ali Love, and there is a blurb about her as a Peloton instructor. It says that she's a certified health coach, who's the host of the Brooklyn Nets, she is a runner and found her Fitness Lifestyle brand called Love Squad. An example for a tread instructor is Rebecca Kennedy, she has a dance, gymnastics, track and field foundation, was a Bootcamp instructor, and a Nike master trainer. This is a really big highlight on the Peloton website because it's organized very well for users to scroll through and it makes it easy for users to get to know who is going to be instructing their classes and who they want to be instructed by. Because this is an at-home virtual experience Peloton is making it more welcoming, exciting, and as inclusive as possible. This feature makes it really feel like the user is part of an incredible exercise experience that is made for them. It also creates a sense of community amongst Peloton users.
  • The Peloton live schedule is very user friendly. At the top of the live schedules home page, there are categories of strength, yoga, meditation, cardio, cycling, running, walking, tread boot camp, and bike boot camp. These categories allow users to pick what they want their workout to be on that specific day and based on what Peloton machine or machines they have. Bellow the workout preferences are dates and days of the week date. A user can click on a day of the week and a schedule will pop-up of the classes for that day, how long the classes are, and who they're instructed by. Then on the right-hand side, if you want to join a class - ex: 5 p.m. 30-minute cycling class with Jess King- there is a Count Me In button and a user can join that class.
Price range $49/mo. or $1,895

For the standard Peloton bike it costs $1,895 and can be financed at $49/mo. Then there are packages that come with the bike- the bike essentials package which is $2,045 and includes bike shoes, headphones, and more accessories. Then there's the Bike Works package which is $2,145 and it includes a heart rate monitor and a bike mat as well. The bike family package is the most expensive at $2,345 and it has two sets of headphones, two heart rate monitors, two water bottles, and two pairs of bike shoes. The Peloton bike plus has a starting price of $2,495 and can be financed at $64/mo. The next package is at $2,695 and it includes bike shoes, bike weights, and reversible workout mat, and then there's the bike and works package which is $2,795 and has a reversible workout mat and resistance bands added, and then there's a bike and family package, which is $2,945 which includes additional yoga blocks, yoga straps, water bottles and another pair of shoes. All of the bike and bike plus packages can be financed monthly. The monthly financing rises as the price of the bike rises. The Peloton tread basics package is priced at $2,495. The Peloton essentials tread package includes two sets of weights, one resistance band, a reversible workout mat, and a heart monitor priced at $2,765. The family tread plan is $3,065 and has additional features. For the Peloton tread plus, which is the biggest and the most expensive Peloton machine, the basic tread plus starts at $4,295 and then raises to the next package $4,565, then $4,665, and then ends with the most expensive fitness equipment Peloton offers at $4,865 which the the tread plus family plan. There are two types of memberships- there is the Peloton all access membership for $39 a month which is membership for the whole family or household. Multiple users can create individual profiles on the all access membership. Each user can access the complete library of classes, the weekly live classes, and thousands of on demand classes. The all access membership allows users to take Peloton classes anywhere, anytime, on a phone, tablet, TV, or web browser without using Peloton equipment. The only other membership on the Peloton website is a Peloton digital membership which allows users to take Peloton studio or outdoor classes on the Peloton app. This membership is for a single user. Machinery is not required on this membership so users don't have to own Peloton bikes or Treads to use this membership. It allows users to still be part of the Peloton Community without actually owning any Peloton equipment.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Compared to competitors, the price of the Peloton is generally more expensive than the Hydrow, the NordicTrack rower, and the Rogue Fitness rowers. The Peloton bike is priced lower than the Hydrow rower, however that is the only similarly-priced equipment between Peloton and Hydrow. The Peloton Bike plus is more expensive and so are the tread and tread plus options on Peloton. The Bike plus basic package on Peloton is $40 more than the price of the Hydrow, and from there every machine on Peloton is more expensive. Compared to NordicTrack and Rogue Fitness, the Peloton is far more expensive and is definitely the higher-end version of these machines. Similarities that the Peloton have with it? competitors is the monthly financing option.


Peloton is all about their class experience. Peloton is the forerunner for bringing live, virtual classes, with high end instructors in people's homes. The addition of the screen on the equipment was game changing and shifted how individuals thought about at home workouts and being part of a live workout community without going to a gym. Peloton is a very trusted brand and is one of most popular names in this category of workout equipment.

Peloton bikes and treads are definitely an investment, but the investment is worth it because it's the convenience of having a gym, classes, and instructors all on one machine, all from the comfort of a user's home. Without taking up a ton of space, having live instructors, on-demand workouts, and having over ten live classes a day that is available with professionally trained instructors is a great trade-off for the initial cost. At first, Peloton is expensive and there is a monthly membership cost. However, the prices can all be split if it? more than a one-person investment or membership, it can be financed, and after a couple of years, Peloton starts costing less than a gym membership. If an individual was paying $60/mo-$200/mo on a gym membership that will eventually cost more when the Peloton machinery is paid off and the user is only paying for their monthly membership. Individuals are getting excellent training from their home, and the best part is, it saves them time. Anyone can leave their house and do outdoor Peloton workouts, but they also never have to leave their home again when they work out.

Peloton solves a common problem for many people who love working out but don't have the time to. Whether they are on a lunch break or if they're in between meetings, Peloton allows really busy people to find workouts that fit their schedule- even during their workday. Individuals don't have to rush to a class at a gym anymore, they can simply walk into their living room.

Peloton changed the way at home gyms are seen. Peloton brought a true workout experience to individuals, because of their membership classes and the full experience of owning a Peloton machine. The benefit of having Peloton, especially during COVID, is that users can stay safe in their home, but still feel like they're experiencing a really rigorous workout. Users can also feel that they are engaging with their instructors and other users in the same workout class. Anyone who has a Peloton membership can join the same class as their Peloton workout partners or friends. The rising significance of the at-home workout experience can be proven by looking at the Peloton stock prices and how they rose starting in March of 2020. In March 2020 the price of a Peloton stock was about $19 USD and in October 2020, the Peloton stock hit $136 USD. It? now at $117 USD but it? on the rise again (it might have lowered with the announcement of a COVID vaccine). Either way, the at-home gym experience is not going anywhere, and Peloton does it the best.


Peloton is very expensive and therefore is inaccessible to many people who want to purchase at home Peloton bikes or treads. Even though the cost is worth the experience, it is still a very expensive investment for a family or an individual to have.

Although the Peloton bikes and treads are enough for an entire home gym and the classes that are offered give a great gym feeling, the machines are still very big and take up space that not everyone can afford to give up. The size of Peloton equipment (5-8ft range) and weight (100-300lbs) could deter individuals from purchasing.

Another Peloton con is that there are no storage options Peloton talks about online. Because these machines are big and heavy, customers also might deter from purchasing because they won't know where to store them when they're not using them. Some people might want to use the Peloton equipment, but they might not want it to be front and center in their living room at all times. Not everyone has a separate space in their house for a home gym.

Financing options for the Peloton equipment is great. However, if a person is paying for a Peloton membership- whether it's the $12.99/mo membership or the all-access membership of $39.99 and they're paying monthly financing for the equipment, it could be over $100 a month for a year or more. These continual monthly expenses could be a turn-off for many individuals wondering if they should purchase the Peloton equipment.


The ideal customer for Peloton equiptment is: businessmen and women who don't have time to workout at a gym. The peloton is great for all ages too, but the target market ages 35-65, and for households that make about $70,000/yr.

How long does the product last?

The Peloton is estimated to last 10+ years - or until it breaks.


Currently, there is a sale for the holidays, which is typical of Peloton. The current sale is the Peloton bike for $1,895 marked down from $2,245. All equiptment is available for monthly finance at all times.


The Peloton is very expensive and is not a common gift to buy more than once. It's a nice investment for a family and couple, or even an individual, but it's not typical for gifting.


The customer service at Peloton is reviewed as exceptional and also poor. Two individuals come to set up Peloton equiptment for the user, and if parts are broken or not working Peloton ships new ones. Their customer service is by phone or live chat on their website. On the Peloton website, there are a lot of positive customer testimonials to the Peloton customer service, then off their website, there are a lot of reviews that point to poor Peloton customer service. It's hard to tell which is the truth.

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Peloton equipment is delivered to an individual's home by two delivery people who set up the equipment themselves. All the individual has to do is connect the Peloton bike to their Wi-Fi, and set up their membership on their bike through the app that they already have a login for. The total set up time takes less than an hour (15-30 minutes for the bikes, less than an hour for treads) Right now, because of COVID, the peloton bike is mostly set up outside the home- in a hall of an apartment or outside. (it's small enough and weighs about 150lbs so it can be lifted into a home.


Shipping takes anywhere from one week to over ten weeks. Due to COVID, shipping times have increased. Typically, Peloton equiptment is supposed to arrive within 1 week or even four days, and it's not taking over a month.