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Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, ATH is a brand of high-performance, natural athletic supplements. They have no artificial coloring, no artificial sweeteners, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, and are minimally processed. They are transparent with their ingredients and use organic ingredients whenever possible.

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  • Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, ATH is a brand of high-performance, natural athletic supplements. They have no artificial coloring, no artificial sweeteners, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, and are minimally processed. They are transparent with their ingredients and use organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • ATH Organic Fitness Supplements are dedicated to supporting the lifestyles of those performing Jiu-Jitsu, weightlifting, and surfing, which are the passions of their company founder, Stuart. They are committed to providing those engaging in a high level of fitness with the cleanest, highest quality natural supplements. In their words, they exist to build healthier athletes.
  • ATH has supplements for EVERY stage of a workout. Their products help support the athlete pre- and post-workout while building muscle, or while in recovery. On their website, they have a section where you can pre-select your, “goals” and depending on these goals, they filter suggested products to help support those goals. Because they have such a wide variety of products, they have created “bundles” on their site that make ordering supplemental assistance for the complete workout extremely easy.
  • In addition to fitness supplements to support your workout, ATH also has a broad range of nutrients and vitamins to help support your overall health when you are not in a workout. In addition to nutritional supplements, they also have a selection of different, “swag” items for the athlete to wear.
Price range $20 - 50

Most of the products at ATH fall between the $20-50 range for a single item. The pre-selected bundles that they have created for ease in selecting products to fully support your workout, run between $90-160. Their line of nutrients and vitamins fall in the same $20-50 range as most of their workout supplements do.

Cost Compared to Competitors

ATH seems to be in line with cost as compared to the other major players in organic fitness supplements. Where one ATH product could cost a tad more than another company’s similar product, another ATH supplement may be slightly lower in price to a different similar competitive product. The pricing is right on par with the market. In comparison to competitors with similar performance supporting athletic products that are not considered as, “clean” as the products made at ATH are much higher in price.


ATH uses all-natural ingredients to make their supplements. They are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Plant-Based, Paleo Friendly, Dairy-Free, and made in the USA from start to finish. ATH also tries to use organic ingredients whenever possible and is committed to the health of its customers. The entire company was started because it was difficult to find athletic supplements that were pure, so the makers at ATH truly stand by the cleanliness of their products.

ATH supplements are VAST and cover all bases when it comes to workout support. For the high-performing athlete, ATH has something for every step of their workout process, and the pre-selected bundle section of their website makes it extremely easy to see all you need, even for the novice just starting to enter the world of workout supplements.

ATH has a, “find your stack” section on its website which is a personalized questionnaire for customers to take that generates results and recommends products based on the answers given. This tool makes it much easier for the customer to find what products they need and helps to filter out those they do not. This is especially useful for the athlete who is not sure what products are needed to help support their workouts.

ATH has a selection of vitamins and minerals. They carry supplements for gut health, vitamins like zinc and vitamin C for immune support, and greens to complete your nutrition and to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs, ATH also carries recovery and sleep supplements to truly support the full body in all areas, not just in a workout.


At first glance, ATH’s website and the number of supplements offered is extremely overwhelming. The novice to workout supplements and overall body support while working out would have a difficult time navigating what they need without doing some research. While they do have the “find your stack” portion of the website, it is a bit hidden and isn’t super clear as to what the “stack” you are finding is.

Although pricing is on par with its competitors (or sometimes a tad higher), the prices for all-natural products are higher in general, so the average person committed to desiring workout supplements, may look elsewhere for products that can both support their body in the way they need and support a smaller hit to their finances as well.

All official retailers for ATH products have locations in Hawaii, and there are no others anywhere else in the US. When debating which supplements might be best for you, many people like to go into a physical store to talk with a sales associate to get as much information as they can before making a purchase. While there does seem to be customer support at ATH, the responsiveness is unclear and a person unsure of a purchasing decision may turn elsewhere to have more confidence when buying.

Due to their commitment to all-natural ingredients and flavors, many people do not like the taste of some ATH products. Some complain that the protein powder tastes coarse, artificially sweet, and not quite smooth enough. Although many customers rave about their products, several customers feel the taste of them leaves something to be desired.


The high performing athlete. Athletes that are involved in Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Cross Fit, Surfing, and other high endurance and intense sports. ATH does have products for the more novice athlete, however, this is not their focus as a company.

How long does the product last?

If stored under normal, cool conditions, the products available at ATH have a shelf life of a year, and there are no storage or spoiled issues that they know of.


ATH offers free shipping with orders over $75 and runs different promotions throughout the year. They seem to have a different promotion each month, and you can sign up for their newsletter to stay informed on ATH promotions and new products.


Fitness supplements are an extremely personal choice, and each athlete chooses what he/she prefers and finds what supports their body best, so unless you are gifting to a person who already uses ATH products, they do not make a good gift option. ATH does offer, “swag” however, that would be a better bet to gift to someone. They have t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, and shaker bottles—if you know someone who really enjoys these products, the swag section of their site is where you would likely look to find gifts for them.


ATH customer service stands by their product and commitment to health. With their “contact us” form, they commit to responding within 24 hours and they also provide an email address to contact them through if you have any questions you do not find answers for on their website. Opened products can be returned for store credit or exchanged for an equal or lesser value, and any unopened product can be returned minus a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping costs are covered by the customer, however, customer service will provide a shipping label.

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ATH supplements come in a sleek black container or bottle, with a brown label, and bold black lettering for the product name and facts. This is consistent across all products. When shipping, ATH products are shipped in a standard shipping box, with ATH branded packing tape to hold the box closed.


ATH offers standard shipping of 3-4 business days, Priority Shipping of 1-2 Business days, and should allow 1-2 Business days to allow for processing. ATH offers free shipping for any order over $75.