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Big Mouth Inc is a designer and manufacturer of outrageously entertaining pool floats and lifestyle products. Their products are exclusively conceptualized with fun in mind and are thus statement pieces for any gathering. They push the limits with their branding and seek to make the customer laugh and fully enjoy whatever activity they are doing.

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  • Big Mouth Inc is a designer and manufacturer of outrageously entertaining pool floats and lifestyle products. Their products are exclusively conceptualized with fun in mind and are thus statement pieces for any gathering. They push the limits with their branding and seek to make the customer laugh and fully enjoy whatever activity they are doing.
  • Big Mouth Inc products are sold by many different, “dealers” which essentially cover all the “big box” retailers. Heavy hitters in the industry like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and Walmart all carry Big Mouth pool floats and inflatables. Due to this level of distribution, costs can be significantly lower than its competitors, and they are easy to find with so many different merchants that carry their floats.
  • Big Mouth Inc is also known for its ginormous blow-up yard sprinklers. These make as big of a statement as their pool floats and are equally, if not even more, as fun. They are eye-catching and HUGE and are sure to make any gathering more fun and lighthearted. The designs their sprinklers come in are unique and larger than life, which appeals to all children (young and old).
  • Big Mouth pool floats go beyond the iconic Donut pool float and Pink Flamingos they are known for. They have a float to match any interest or personality. These floats are not limited to just Adults (or ages 8 and up), but they have a selection of floats for babies and toddlers as well, to outfit the whole family. They also have a line of snow tubes, which are just as fun and bold, truly covering all inflatable needs.
Price range $12 - $60

Big Mouth products vary in price depending on size and on the retailer that carries them. In general, drink holders and small float accessories run from $10-15, big mouth pool tubes can range from $12-20, larger pool floats and snow tubes are in the $20-40 range, River tubes tend to run around $45-50, and large sprinklers are around $60.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Due to its distribution of products to large retailers, Big Mouth products are generally priced significantly lower than its competitors with similar products.


Big Mouth floats and inflatables are creative and not only fun, but also be very funny. They are the aimed to be the entertainment centerpieces for any gathering. They are bold and push the limits of humor in every product they produce and people love them for this.

Big Mouth floats are affordable and available at many retailers. Unlike their competitors, Big Mouth floats can be purchased in a physical store, instead of solely online. You can walk into any store like Target, Kohls, or Home Depot and you can see their products and if there is a problem or a need for an exchange, customers can easily go back into the store where their float was purchased, and work with the customer service at that retailer. This makes the ease and comfortability of obtaining a Big Mouth Float very easy for the consumer.

Big Mouth manufactures large yard sprinklers. These are huge statement pieces that provide endless fun for all ages. They are made well and are great items to take pictures with and the water shoots wide and far, making it something that multiple people at a party can enjoy together.

Big Mouth also manufactures snow tubes to also find a niche in the winter market, making them a versatile company that has fun products for all seasons. Just like their summertime floats, these winter snow tubes capture a carefree and fun approach to recreation.


Big Mouth snow tubes have many complaints online about being unable to withstand snowy conditions for long. Many people complain about rips to the material of the float after just one trip down the snow hill, or deflation due to not being able to hold more than a certain number of pounds even though it is advertised that it can. Big Mouth floats seem to be less durable than its competitors.

Because Big Mouth Floats are distributed to a plethora of retailers for sale, they run the risk of being overlooked by other products that a vendor may have in the same market. When looking on Amazon for pool floats, Big Mouth products are lumped in with many others from different distributors and it is hard to tell which are Big Mouth's without reading the product description.

Big Mouth Sprinklers do not come with any sort of anchor system, and customers complain about the sprinkler blowing all over the place in windy conditions. Customers are left to themselves to find creative ways in how to anchor the sprinkler down to ensure that it not only stays in one place for safety, but for the product to work correctly.

Due to Big Mouth floats being distributed to many different retailers, there seems to be some confusion on returns, refunds, and exchanges for defective products. Each retailer has their own policy, but Big Mouth also has a customer service department that can help service your needs. If someone misses the window for the return policy at the specific vendor, they can then contact Big Mouth Inc, however there is not a guarantee that they will fix the issue had.


Big Mouth Floats target the goofball in all of us. They are designed to be outrageous and bold. They are especially popular with kids, young adults, and people in their 20s, however their sprinklers can make a statement at a party for people of all ages.

How long does the product last?

The floats are quite durable and should last through the swim season with proper care, normal use, and proper storage. The snow floats should last through a snowy season; however, many reviews contradict that; it is possible the life span of the snow floats depends on the winter elements in which it is used.


Any coupons or sales for Big Mouth floats would depend on the specific retailer they are sold through.


Big Mouth Floats are wonderful for gifting, especially for a fun outdoor event. The variety in their products covers a large range of interests for people young and old. They also have many products that are great as gag gifts and are sure to have the recipient laughing. Since they are in many of the big box retailers, they are easily accessible, especially to grab as a last-minute gift.


Big Mouth Inc has a customer service team located at its headquarters in Omaha, NE. They are great at working to make sure customers are fully satisfied with their products and are happy to connect with anyone who uses their products. However, if there is an issue with the product, the first step for a customer would be to contact the retailer they purchased their big mouth float from and then contact Big Mouth if they are unsuccessful with their initial point of contact at the retailer.

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Big Mouth Inc floats come packaged in a cardboard gift box with a picture of the fully inflated product on the front.


Because Big Mouth distributes to different ?ealers,·the shipping policy varies from store to store. There is no information about shipping to consumers on the Big Mouth website, because you cannot purchase a float through their site and must go through a specific retailer Big Mouth distributes to. When dealing with a manufacturing issue with a float and working with their customer service team, shipping of the new replacement product seems to be efficient and fast.