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Boll and Branch is a luxury bedding and bath brand that creates high-quality products with a natural and ethical flare. All products are made from 100% organic cotton and free from all chemicals and toxic dyes. The clean bedding makes it an ideal option for those with skin irritations, allergies, or sensitivities.

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  • Boll and Branch is a luxury bedding and bath brand that creates high-quality products with a natural and ethical flare. All products are made from 100% organic cotton and free from all chemicals and toxic dyes. The clean bedding makes it an ideal option for those with skin irritations, allergies, or sensitivities.
  • The Flannel sheets are a Boll and Branch staple. Made in Portugal, number one in the world for the production of cotton flannel, these cozy sheets are ultra-soft with some weight to them. Resistant to pilling, they are also not prone to wrinkling. Perfect for those who overheat overnight, these breathable sheets help ventilate body heat.
  • Keeping one’s baby safe and comfortable is the utmost priority. Boll and Branch’s Newborn Gift Set provides the essentials for new parents, with trusted materials. Made from 100% organic cotton, as with all Boll and Branch products, the burp cloths, blankets, and bibs are all also free of harmful dyes and chemicals. This set provides parents with a safe and natural option for caring for their newborn.
  • Design is key for Boll and Branch and they make it easily accessible to customers with curated selections. Curated collections, including Classic Holiday Flannel and Wintry White Bedroom, take the guesswork out of outfitting bedrooms by providing bedding sets with complementary colors and styles. Designing a sleek home is now easy for those who might naturally not have an eye for it.
Price range $80 - $2,900

Cost varies among collections based on materials used. Sheet sets range from $160.00 to $325.00. The prices of mattresses fall between $1,800 and $2,900.00. Pillows range from $80.00 to $195.00. Mattress protectors start at $110.00, while duvets start at $300.00

Cost Compared to Competitors

Boll and Branch are a bit more expensive than its competitors. A Signature Hemmed Twin Sheet set from Boll and Branch costs around $160.00, while Miracle Brand Signature is about $109.00. Casper also charges $109.00 for their Sateen sheet set. Products rank in price similarly across the brands, with Boll and Branch consistently being more expensive than its competitors.


The website makes it easy for customers to identify what types of products they will prefer by providing quick characteristic break downs of the materials. Each material is broken down by feel, texture, finish, care, think, and how cool they run. In moments, customers will know if their sheets or PJs are made out of a material considered dense and ultra-soft or light and cozy. They will know whether something is prone to wrinkles, can be ironed, and if it's going to overheat a warm sleeper.

The Trade Collection encourages interiors designers, architects, and decorators to become more involved with the company beyond just purchasing products. The members of this program are treated like the company's inner circle. Once a person is verified and becomes an official member, they are given early access and sneak peeks to products, complimentary swatches, catered customer service, and up to 20% off sitewide products, as well as tax exemptions. This is an exciting program for those who meet the criteria and a truly unique opportunity for producer and customer to work together.

When shopping with Boll and Brach, customers can feel good about the company because they push for quality products that are ethically made. They are the first linen company to be Fair Trade Certified. All products are manufactured in India, Portugal, and the US without the use of child labor. All workers are respected, work at will, and are paid fairly. They also choose to use 100% organic cotton because other alternatives use dangerous pesticides that reduce the life expectancy of those who farm it. To ensure they meet the international standards for this organic farming, they are verified using a third party.

Boll and Branch products are made with a focus on sustainability. All products are made out of 100% organic cotton, which uses 90% less water than other traditional farming. They choose to ship much of their products, as opposed to airfare, which saves an estimated 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions. This number is equivalent to saving the greenhouse emissions of 4,500 cars annually. All packaging is made out of recycled paper, which then can be repurposed or upcycled. All outer shippers are FSC certified, meaning the products are sourced from responsibly managed forests.


Boll and Branch does not accept any returns after 30 days. They also do not provide any free trial programs or abilities to test out products beyond 30 days. Sometimes to truly understand if a product works for a customer, they need multiple weeks with it — especially something essential like a mattress or bedding. The restrictive policy makes it so consumers do not have as much flexibility when choosing the products that are right for them.

Boll and Branch have a single brick and mortar store in New Jersey. A partnership with Nordstrom has partially expanded its physical presence with its products sold in twenty-one Nordstrom stores across the United States. Ultimately, their physical presence is relatively small and may deter buyers. People often want to see products in person before purchasing them for their home because website photos can often be misleading of color and size. This coupled with their limited return and trial options makes it difficult for certain customers to commit to the products and invest in the company.

All customers, whether purchasing a Twin or California King, receive the same mattress made from a Wool and Poly blend, with five layers. There is a single mattress design available. Thus, customers have no other options if they are looking for variations in softness, firmness, or material makeup. Instead of being able to try a different design, they must go to a different company entirely.

Patterns and designs tend to lean on a more conservative and classic style, which may disinterest some buyers. Some customers may not be willing to spend the money on simple white sheets or striped patterns, rather preferring to spend money on more unique statement sheets for the bedroom.


The ideal customer is someone looking for a classic and clean-cut bedroom and bath essentials, who is willing to spend a little extra to ensure an ethical and environmentally friendly supply chain. The simple and curated design sets make it easy for someone to outfit their bedroom with a timeless look. But the ideal customer will be drawn to the fact they can achieve this with materials sourced from 100% organic cotton, produced through fair and ethical labor, and with active efforts to decrease supply carbon footprint. The Boll and Branch customer cares for the company as a whole, beyond just the products.

How long does the product last?

As with all products, longevity depends on wear and treatment, but reviews indicate that the products have a relatively long life. All products are made from 100% cotton, which is appraised to last between six and ten years. Thus, if well taken care of, products should be usable for a decade. Some reviews indicate that the fabrics are prone to staining, which may move some customers to replace them more frequently. All products can be returned and replaced in the initial 30-day window. The mattresses come with a limited 10-year warranty.


Boll and Branch regularly offers seasonal sales and limited promotions, most commonly during the holiday season. By using specific codes at check out, customers can receive 15% or $50.00 off purchases of $200.00 or more. Through flashsales customers can also be eligible for 25% off mattress purchases. Most recently, they gave away a free pillow with any mattress purchase.


Boll and Branch goes above and beyond when it comes to providing products good for gift giving. In addition to providing products that are universally versatile and useful for all individuals, they have a section on their website that generates ideas based on budgets under $150.00 and $75.00. They also have special sets, such as the cozy crib set, baby signature set, and the baby bedtime set, which are curated gifts meant to be a well-rounded present. They offer digital gift cards and they even have the option for special gift wrapping.


Live customer service representatives can be reached Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. A feature on the website facilities an online chat with representatives when centers are open. Customers are also encouraged to email and/or fill out a form hosted in the customer service section of the website. These submitted requested are usually responded to within two business days.

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The packaging of Boll and Branch is reminiscent of your favorite holiday packages. Products are presented as gifts when they arrive on customers' doorsteps, with boxes that open out and ribbon accents and ties. Special sets and products meant to be gifted also have gift wrapping available. Even the basic cardboard boxes are tastefully designed to be appealing to the eye, with the clean logo placed in varying and strategic sizes.


All orders qualify for free domestic US ground shipping. Customers can also choose to upgrade their orders to 1 or 2-day shipping with an additional cost. Mattresses are not eligible for expedited shipping.