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Daily Burn is a home fitness program focused on helping customers meet their toning and weight loss goals through an expansive collection of workout videos. In addition to the library of streaming options, Daily Burn offers a live workout every morning. Members can choose from dozens of systemized fitness programs and hundreds of workouts as part of the monthly membership.

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  • Daily Burn is a home fitness program focused on helping customers meet their toning and weight loss goals through an expansive collection of workout videos. In addition to the library of streaming options, Daily Burn offers a live workout every morning. Members can choose from dozens of systemized fitness programs and hundreds of workouts as part of the monthly membership.
  • Daily Burn features a wide variety of fitness activities that cater to almost every workout preference. Options include barre, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, high intensity interval training?(HIIT), and cardio workouts. The videos are conveniently categorized based on length and they range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Members can also select workouts according to the equipment they require. The Daily Burn programs last anywhere between just a few weeks to a few months. Should members prefer not to follow a systemized program, alternatively, they can select a la carte from multiple individual workouts. Plus, several audio-only workouts are offered to compliment an individual's treadmill or outdoor routine. The audio selections also include great meditation options.
  • Daily Burn offers a supportive online community in which members can share their progress and workout challenges. A unique feature of Daily Burn is the live classes offered each morning, which gives members an opportunity to chat with other users during the class, creating a sense of community and keeping members engaged with fresh content to keep the fitness experience from getting boring or repetitive. Workouts last anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes, making it easy to fit in a workout into a daily routine, regardless of a busy schedule.
  • With a Daily Burn subscription, members have the option to easily track their weight and set a goal for the number of workouts they want to complete each week.
Price range $14.95/mo.

A Daily Burn basic subscription starts at $14.95 per month. A Daily Burn Premium subscription, which provides access to additional features, such as the Daily Burn 365 archives or audio workouts, as well as fresh daily content, is available for $19.95 per month. Additionally, several a la carte Daily Burn apps exist, including HIIT,?yoga, and running apps, ranging in price from $5·0 per month.

Cost Compared to Competitors

There are endless options when it comes to health and fitness brands on the market, all offering a variety of services with slight variations. Daily Burn is ranked by CNet as one of the best workout subscription apps out there. Similar subscription-based brands like Aaptiv is also around $14.95?per month while BodyFx is $11.99 per month, though the BodyFx workout selections are more limited compared to those offered by Daily Burn. Beachbody ranges from $13-$16 per month but doesn't offer single month options. Gym memberships with a brick-and-mortar location such as Planet Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness typically run $10-$30 per month, though locations are currently closed. While CorePower is aimed mostly toward yoga lovers, that subscription-based program also provides online meditation and sculpt classes. Meanwhile, online workouts and fitness classes are also available for free on YouTube from individual creators.


Daily Burn offers a convenient, 30-day free trial, making it easier for customers to determine whether it? the right fit before fully committing to a membership.

Several Daily Burn workouts don? use any equipment but many of the programs require basics like dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, or a medicine ball. Members have the ability to filter their workout search results to only routines that don? use equipment. Unlike many other fitness brands, a Daily Burn subscription doesn? have any hidden costs or fees but members may want to consider investing in some basic exercise accessories.

A unique feature of Daily Burn not offered by other subscription-based brands is a live virtual workout every day at 9 am. Members can find the live workouts under the 365 tab.

The Daily Burn workouts are fairly simple to pick up. They don't require complicated choreography so anyone is able to easily jump in. The advanced routines are cardio intense but not complicated. Members have the option to filter the workout search results by exercise level (easy, medium, or hard), workout length (short, medium, or long) and also pace (slow, moderate, or fast).


Although Daily Burn features a supportive online community, it doesn? offer personal coaching or one-on-one training that other subscription-based brands may include. It's for this reason that Daily Burn may not be a good fit for customers who require additional support or motivation to hold themselves accountable and meet their goals. Daily Burn is also not ideal for beginners who are looking for personalized feedback on posture or technique to prevent injury and maximize the workouts·effectiveness.

With Daily Burn, some nutrition resources and recipes are available on the company blog, however, Daily Burn is mostly focused on fitness. Customers who are looking for a program that also offers?dietary advice?may need to look elsewhere.

Daily Burn currently requires an internet connection to stream workouts and there? also not an option to save or download workouts for later use offline. Due to the virtual nature of Daily Burn, certain features of the program may be difficult to access for users who are not familiar with apps and similar streaming services. Since workouts cannot be saved, once a subscription is canceled, members will lose access to the entire online library of videos.

Though it features one of the wider selections of workouts, Daily Burn doesn't offer step aerobics. There are also fewer workouts in the Hard category, compared to the easy and medium categories so if a member is particularly advanced in their fitness journey, they may find Daily Burn a bit limiting. That being said, routines can be easily modified to make them more challenging.


There is no specified target demographic for Daily Burn. It's a great option for any adult looking to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine, either for weight loss or for increased strength and?flexibility. Due to the variety of fitness classes and programs offered, it may be particularly well suited for customers who want to experiment with finding the perfect workout for them. Keep in mind, since Daily Burn doesn't include personal coaching, it may not be ideal for those seeking extra support and motivation.

How long does the product last?

A Daily Burn subscription lasts indefinitely, depending on the customer's experience. As a subscription service, Daily Burn lasts as long as the customer is satisfied with the service.


Coupon codes for Daily Burn can be found online ranging from 20-35% off. There's no specific time of year when deals are more readily available.


Daily Burn would make a great gift for anyone who would benefit from a convenient, home health and fitness program but keep in mind, gifting Daily Burn would require an ongoing monthly payment or a transfer of the subscription.


Customer support for Daily Burn is only available online. In other words, if a customer experiences a problem, they cannot reach a representative by phone. Customers can, however, email Daily Burn directly at [email protected] and a response is typically received within 24 hours. There is also an option for customer assistance via Twitter @dailyburnhelp. Unfortunately, access to the full set of FAQ? (found under the support tab) is only available to those who have set up an account.

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N/A Daily Burn is an online and app-based video streaming fitness program so there is not a physical product to unpack or unbox.


N/A Daily Burn does not offer a physical product that requires shipping.