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Babe canned wines come in three flavors of sparkling wine, Babe Grigio, Babe Rose, and Babe Red. You can buy each individual flavor or a variety pack of all three. They also offer two bottles, the Family Time Is Hard pinot grigio, and Winter Is The Worst red wine. There are also Grigio and Red Bundles that include a bottle, a large pack of canned wine, and a baseball cap embroidered with "Babe."

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  • Babe canned wines come in three flavors of sparkling wine, Babe Grigio, Babe Rose, and Babe Red. You can buy each individual flavor or a variety pack of all three. They also offer two bottles, the Family Time Is Hard pinot grigio, and Winter Is The Worst red wine. There are also Grigio and Red Bundles that include a bottle, a large pack of canned wine, and a baseball cap embroidered with "Babe."
  • The company's website offers the chance for fans to become Babe ambassadors and show off the brand on Instagram. They claim to be looking for the "cutest people on the literal internet" to connect with the brand. In 2019, model Emily Ratajkowski became the official Chief of Taste for the brand.
  • Babe is a celebrity-owned and operated brand. It was started by Josh Ostrovsky, known by his comedy name, "The Fat Jew," and founders of "White Girl Problems" Tanner and David Oliver Cohen. The brand grew online, and many social media influencers are Babe ambassadors. Babe frequently features celebrities on their Instagram, including Dorinda medley of The Real Housewives franchise and Tyler Cameron of Bachelor fame.
  • Babe is a popular brand. They are a well known canned wine brand that is sold in many stores throughout the country. Babe's Red wine won the award for best bubbly wine in the world from the World Sparkling Wine Awards earlier this year. They've also gotten a lot of publicity from their celebrity creators and ambassadors. Babe employs a lot of reality television stars as ambassadors of their brand, including many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.
Price range $27.99 - $83.94

The standard eight pack of canned Babe wines costs $27.99 before shipping. They also offer a 12 pack at $41.97 and a 24 pack for $83.94. The 12 pack is currently on sale for $39.99, and the 24 pack is on sale for $74.99. The Red and Grigio bundles - which include 3 four packs of canned wine, one bottle of wine and a baseball cap - retail for $64.99. The Winter Survival Kit, which includes a bottle each of the Pinot Grigio and the Red Wine sells for $28.99.

Cost Compared to Competitors

In comparison to other canned wines, Babe wines are a good price. While not as cheap as beer or spiked seltzer, Babe is sold for a reasonable price. Bev wines, another canned wine brand, are significantly more expensive than Babe wines, although Babe does not claim that their wine is low in sugar or has no additives like Bev.


Babe wines are very popular. They are one of the most well known and award-winning canned wine brands and are sold in easily accessible stores like grocery stores. Their spread featuring Emily Ratajkowski was featured in People Magazine. Babe has much more brand recognition than most canned wines currently on the market. Their use of celebrities and influencers to promote their product was a smart move and contributed to their success as a brand. Using social media and the internet to rebrand wine was a genius move on their part.

Babe's website shows that the brand is all about having fun. Their clever copy and fun graphics give the customer the impression that they are buying a cool product. Their marketing is spot on for their target demographic. The name is also more recognizable and marketable than competitors. Their Instagram page is full of wine-related memes and relatable gifs that make the brand accessible to people in their 20's and 30's. The brand's Instagram bio literally read, "because wine needed a rebrand," and they took full advantage of this concept. Babe upgraded wine from a "mom drink" to something easily drinkable for younger people and a much cooler sounding drink.

Babe's cans of wine contain more wine and higher alcohol content for a better price than other canned wine brands. At 12% ABV, they match most bottled wines and have a higher alcohol content than beer or spiked seltzer. Each can of Babe contains two servings of wine.

Babe wines were one of the first brands to make canned wines. Canned wine is easy to transport and convenient to drink, unlike traditional glass bottles that require a bottle opener and glasses. The individual servings and easily transported cans made Babe a hugely successful company.


Babe wines are only sold in stores in the United States, the UK and Canada. They can only ship to 34 out of 50 states because of California laws and do not ship internationally.

There aren't a lot of flavor choices of Babe wines. The three choices are Pinot Grigio, Red, and Rose, which are all sparkling wines.

Babe wines are not kosher or gluten-free certified. While they don't contain gluten products, the plant where they are made is not gluten-free certified. Babe Grigio and Rose are also not vegan, but Babe Red is.

Babe contains more sugar and calories than some other canned wine brands. Their nutrition facts are not as poor as some bottled wines, but they do have more calories than most light beers and spiked seltzers, which would be their main competitors.


Babe's target demographic is definitely younger women. The name alone suggests they want women who say the word babe to identify with their brand. Their ambassadors tend to be younger women as well, including model Emily Ratajkowski and contestants from popular reality television shows.

How long does the product last?

There is no specific expiration date on Babe wines, but the more you buy, the longer the product will last you.


Babe offers a 10% off coupon for new customers when they sign up for the email list. If you sign up for their newsletter, it often includes discounts as well. Their twelve and twenty-four packs of canned wines are also currently slightly discounted. Babe also announces promos, giveaways and sales on their Instagram page. They often make exclusive kits for certain events, like a special election night survival kit, or WAP dance recovery kit that they featured earlier this year.


Babe wines has a special section on their website for holiday merchandise and gifts. Their holiday specials include two of their wines in bottles, which also come in special bundles. They also offer a Birthday Box that comes with a Babe baseball cap, reusable cups, an ice bucket and birthday banner. Babe teamed up with Budweiser to bring customers a range of holiday merch for gifting. The collection includes socks, mugs and wrapping paper. Babe also has regular merchandise that includes candles and clothing items. They have a collection for watching sports while drinking Babe, and their standard merch line.


At Babe, customer service is standard. They will refund undelivered orders for the product only, not shipping or handling costs. For wrongly shipped or defective merchandise, they offer returns and exchanges with receipts. Customers can contact Babe through a page on their website, but they do not provide a phone number or email address to contact them at. You can however start a chat with a representative on their site.

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There isn't any specific information about what Babe's packaging is made out of on their website. Wines come in eight packs, twelve-packs, and twenty-four packs that appear to be made of cardboard. There's no reason to believe that their cans are not recyclable, like most cans. The design of their cans is very simple, each simply saying Babe and whichever flavor they are in a bold font. The cans are white, and the writing is either, blue, dark blue, or red depending on the flavor. Although their marketing tends to be splashier and brighter, keeping the cans simple contributes to the balance that made Babe a popular brand.


Babe currently ships to 34 out of 50 states and does not ship internationally. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50. They are currently asking for patience on order time because of COVID-19. Orders can take up to 24 hours to process, and typically ship within 3-7 days.