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Drink Bev canned wine is a female-led brand. They take pride in having a female wine maker and female CEO and founder. The brand developed from a collective of female creatives called Made By Chicks. Brink Bev emphasizes that while it's made by chicks, it's made for everyone. Their mission statement is "Do it different, do it better. Break the glass," referring not only to canned wine, but breaking the glass ceiling.

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  • Drink Bev canned wine is a female-led brand. They take pride in having a female wine maker and female CEO and founder. The brand developed from a collective of female creatives called Made By Chicks. Brink Bev emphasizes that while it's made by chicks, it's made for everyone. Their mission statement is "Do it different, do it better. Break the glass," referring not only to canned wine, but breaking the glass ceiling.
  • The brand is not only led by women, but seeks to change dangerous parts of drinking culture. The cans offer a smaller amount of wine to keep drinking more under control. The creator of the brand writes in the Our Story tab on the website that she experienced some medical issues that were exacerbated by drinking, which led her to want to change drinking culture. Drink Bev is specifically focused on changing college drinking culture. Infographics on their Instagram page emphasize responsible drinking, and highlight that drinking should not be competitive or make you feel cooler.
  • Bev wines all have zero grams of sugar and range between 100 and 127 calories per can. This is quite low for wine, which typically contains a lot of sugar, which can contribute to bad headaches and rough hangovers. The low sugar and calorie count reflects Bev? mission to make drinking less unhealthy.
  • The colorful and fun website gives the product a great feel. The products will appeal to younger women and draw people in with the cute images and infographics. The website also features a minute-long "visual experience;" a colorful, graphic design heavy commercial with pop music aimed to introduce new customers to their flavors.
Price range $49 - $190

Drink Bev prices range from $49 for an eight pack, to $190 for the 49-can variety pack. 4 cans of Bev wine is equal to 1.3 bottles of wine, so the value for the price is pretty good. The twenty-four pack, at $99, is equal to eight bottles of wine. They also offer a Ladies Night sampler pack that includes three of the five flavors, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Rose, for $99. Their gift set merch, The ?G·Bev Cooler, is the most expensive item on the site, for $300. The cooler is customizable.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Bev wines are more expensive than other canned wines, beers and spiked seltzers. The customer must be aware that they are paying for the low sugar and calorie count, and no additives to want to purchase Bev wines over competitors.


Sugar free wine is very hard to find, and customer reviews show that the taste of the wines is not compromised. The low calorie approach to the wines will appeal to the target audience. There are no additives in Bev wines, they are all made of 100% juice.

Each can of Bev wine holds about one and a half glasses of wine, a significant amount for the price. All the wines are approximately 11% ABV, also a good alcohol content for the price.

Besides having no added sugars or artificial flavorings, Bev wine is also gluten-free. This is an edge over competitor Babe wines, which do not have a certified gluten-free production facility. It also adds to Bev wines' policy of making their wines as customer-friendly and nutritious as possible.

Bev wines clearly cares about their customers. Not only are their wines not as bad for you as other brands, they have a clear mission and want to make drinking healthier and safer. Any money that a customer spends on bev wines is going to a good company with morals. They also make it clear that hiring women is very important to them. Since their target audience is young women, this will undoubtedly appeal to that demographic. Their customer service practices also show that they strive to satisfy customers and keep them coming back.


Bev wines are only sold in the United States, and only in certain areas within the US. The wines are only sold in Southern California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee and Rhode Island. While they do ship across the United States, Bev wines do not ship internationally.

There aren't many choices for flavors of Bev wine. The five flavors currently available are Pinot Grigio, Sauvingon Blanc, Rose, Pinot Noir, and Glitz, a sparkling white wine. Their Pinot Noir was very recently added and is only available for purchase through their Instagram page, not on their main website.

Bev wines are certainly more expensive than what you might find at a grocery store. A twelve-pack of beer is much less expensive than an eight pack of Bev wine, but the wines offer higher alcohol content. Spiked seltzers would also be a significant competitor to Bev wines since they are mainly marketed towards women looking for a lower calorie and tastier option than beer. Seltzers are also significantly less expensive than Bev wines and much more widely sold.

Bev wines is a largely unknown brand. While customer reviews on their site are glowing, there aren't a lot of them. Taking a chance on an emerging brand could be a con for some consumers.


Although the website states that Bev wine is for everyone, the marketing is clearly geared towards female customers. The colors and flavors of the cans are typically enjoyed by women. The youthful website and colorful packaging suggests that the product is targeted to younger women in their 20's and 30's. The no sugar and low calorie angle is also a marketing tool usually used on products for women.

How long does the product last?

There isn't a specific expiration date on the cans of wine, but the more you buy, the longer you'll be able to drink it for.


Drink Bev offers 15% off for new customers when they sign up for the email list. They also offer a significant discount with a Club Bev membership. The membership requires customers to buy one case of Bev a month to keep the discount, but you can cancel it at any time. They are also doing a holiday-themed giveaway on their Instagram page. They frequently team up with other companies to do promos on Instagram. Their gift sets also let you save a certain percentage on your gift depending on how much you purchase. Two gifts gives you 10% off, three gives you 15% off and four gifts get you 20% off your order.


The brand's website has a great and informative gifting tab. You can save money depending on which gift set you buy. Two gifts gets you 10% off your order, while three gifts gives you 15% off and four gifts gets you 20% off. Gift sets are available for two day shipping in most of the United States, and same day delivery in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Bev's gifts include an eight pack in any of their five flavors, a twenty-four or forty-eight pack in any flavor or with a variety of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Rose, or the "OG" Bev Cooler. The cooler is customizable, so you can add someone's name to the lid. Prices on gift sets range from $50 to $300. Bev also offers plenty of merchandise, including sweatshirts, coozies, hats and socks.


Drink Bev takes good care of its customers. Shipments can be tracked by text or email as soon as you order. Their FAQ section is extensive, and they have a customer support email address for further questions. They also go above and beyond to connect with their customers. Drink Bev is focused on creating an empowering community for women, which they emphasize on their social media. They have a separate text line just for cat and wine-related fun. Founder of Bev wines, Alix Peabody, is an animal lover and has a side passion for rescuing cats. The cat motif has made its way into Bev's marketing.

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Bev wines' packaging is all recyclable. Their FAQ section of the website specifically asks customers to recycle the cans of wine, as they are made of aluminum to be more eco-friendly. The wines come in eight packs, twenty-four packs and a forty-nine can variety pack that includes all the flavors.


Drink Bev offers free 2 day shipping on all orders. They don't ship internationally, so all orders must be placed in the United States. They note that shipping usually takes 2-3 days, but may be extended to 10 because of COVID-19.