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EPIC models their products based on human evolutionary biology. Throughout history, humans have hunted and gathered food from nature, and had diets rich in meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. EPIC believes the modern diet is too full of processed junk food and sugars. The mission of EPIC is to create products that help humans optimize their healthy lifestyle, and consume a diet closer to what our ancestors ate.

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  • EPIC models their products based on human evolutionary biology. Throughout history, humans have hunted and gathered food from nature, and had diets rich in meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. EPIC believes the modern diet is too full of processed junk food and sugars. The mission of EPIC is to create products that help humans optimize their healthy lifestyle, and consume a diet closer to what our ancestors ate.
  • All the animals EPIC makes their products from are 100% grass-fed. EPIC believes that all animals should consume the diets they were biologically intended to eat, not just humans. Because of the way they feed their animals, their products are more closely aligned to the meat our ancestors would have eaten, and thus their products are ideal for human's biological make-up. EPIC also believes strongly in animal welfare and sustainable farming, so the choices they make not only affect the taste and quality of their products, but the planet as well.
  • EPIC is partnered with The Savory Institute, a global movement of regenerative farmers and land managers. Modern factory farming practices have taken a toll on farmlands all around the world, and EPIC and The Savory Institute have committed to global, large-scale grassland restoration efforts in an attempt to combat the damage. They believe that when properly managed, animals can have a positive effect on their environment, and vice versa. By utilizing these practices, farmers are creating healthier lands, which in turn create the best possible habitats for native and migratory animals, hold ground water effectively, build topsoil, and sequester carbon in our atmosphere.
  • EPIC uses natural and whole foods in their products that not only taste great, but are great for you. EPIC takes advantage of the unique flavors of their animal protein and pairs each flavor with dried fruits, nuts, herbs, and prices to create the best tasting product, instead of adding extra sugar or processed ingredients. For example, their turkey bone broth is paired with cranberry and sage, and their beef bone broth is paired with jalapenos and sea salt. By utilizing natural ingredients and flavors in their products, they not only enhance the taste, but make them healthier as well.
Price range $6.99 - $41.94

EPIC bone broth costs $6.99 per 14 oz jar. They also sell large packages of 6 broths for $41.94, which is equal to the cost of 6 individually purchased jars, providing no real discount.

Cost Compared to Competitors

EPIC bone broths are the second cheapest of the broths reviewed, coming in at 49 cents per ounce, about the same as Kettle and Fire, which averages 48 cents per ounce. Brodo costs 59 cents per ounce, and Bonafide costs 54 cents per ounce.


EPIC claims massive health benefits can be seen by consuming their products. Each jar contains 8-15 grams of protein, which is essential for fueling our bodies·energy and carrying protein throughout our blood, as well as building strong muscles, hair, skin, and nails. Their products are also made from natural, whole, ingredients that are better for human digestion, since they are more closely aligned with the diets of our ancestors, and how humans are supposed to eat based on evolution.

EPIC designs their products around convenience. The founders of EPIC, Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest, noticed that there was a lack of pre-packaged, healthy options that fit into their diets for when they were on the go. And thus, EPIC was born. Their bone broth is sold in portable, ready-to-sip jars, perfect active and busy lifestyles. EPIC also makes a commitment not to sacrifice nutrition or sustainability to make their products convenient. While they are quick and easy to consume, they are still nutritionally optimized, and made from real foods that have been harvested humanely.

EPIC products are not only healthy and convenient, they are also sustainably made. EPIC has partnered with The Savory Institute to promote sustainable and regenerative farming practices all around the world. Using these practices increases the health of both the animals and the land, reduces the impact on the environment and the farmers·carbon footprint. EPIC also believes strongly in animal welfare, and all their animals are grass-fed and humanely raised and harvested. Consumers of EPIC products can feel good about what? in their food, as well as how the food is produced.

EPIC provides tons of information on their website about their production practices, where they source their animals from, and their supply chain. They believe in full transparency with their customers, and by visiting the animals·tab on their website, you can see exactly where each protein comes from. According to their website, they believe that by fostering a safe space for honest dialogue and shared information, we have pushed for more involved, informed, and conscious meat consumption· This is all part of what they call the ?PIC Honesty Pledge· where they promise to be truthful and transparent with their customers, which they hope will improve industry practices as a whole.


EPIC foods are heavily based on protein from animal sources, and thus, their products are not suitable for vegan or vegetarian customers. Additionally, they provide copious amounts of information on the sources of their animals in an attempt to be transparent, but those who choose not to consume meat may find this a bit morbid.

EPIC does not offer discounts for their larger packages of 6 broths. Their single jars cost $6.99, and packs of 6 cost $41. 94, which is equivalent to buying 6 individual jars. Since the jars are sold in smaller, 14 oz containers, customers may still choose to purchase the larger boxes. EPIC also does not offer discounted subscription programs like other bone broth companies do, so consumers may have a difficult time finding discounts for buying in bulk.

Some users have complained of inconsistent quality and strange tastes in their broth. Many of their broth flavors contain apple cider vinegar, and some customers complained of an acidic or vinegary taste to the broth. User patty6418 left this review of the broth on Ugh, this stuff is horrible and tastes like vinegar! It is terrible. I wish I had read the label to see that it contained apple cider vinegar. It's not one of the top ingredients according to the label but it is all you taste. Save yourself the $ because this is not worth it.·Another user, Lee S., claims he found the product very inconsistent based on the place they purchased it from. His review on the EPIC Provisions website reads: my first jar came from an organic grocery in Baraboo, WI. Delicious..loved the apple cider flavor. Then I bought a case from UNFI, a buying club I belong to. Then I discovered your home company and ordered two cases. The first couple of jars are watery...can not taste vegetables or apple cider. The fourth jar is stronger but still on the thin side. I have not opened the second case yet. I loved the product but not the variable results of my last purchase. If I had bought them first I would not have bought more. I would not have realized how five stars this could be. EPIC also manufactures many other products in addition to bone broth. In fact

EPIC also manufactures many other products in addition to bone broth. In fact, bone broth is listed 7th under their core products tab on their website. EPIC began with making energy bars, and slowly expanded to manufacture other products. Since bone broth is not their main focus or the only thing they do, some users have found it to be lacking in quality compared to their other products. Unlike companies like Brodo, Kettle and Fire, or Bonafide, whose entire focus is bone broth, bone broth is a secondary focus for EPIC.


The ideal market for this product would be men and women aged 20-40, health enthusiasts, people who lead active lifestyles, and people who are passionate about environmentalism and sustainability.

How long does the product last?

EPIC broths are shelf-stable, and last for up to a year before opening. After opening, they last one week in the refrigerator.


EPIC offers large discounts for special occasions, such as Cyber Monday, when they offered 35% off plus free shipping.


Yes, this product would be good for gifting, since it comes in shelf-stable jars and doesn;t require refrigeration before opening. This would make a good gift for people who enjoy healthy eating, or people on special diets, as EPIC makes products that are suitable for a wide variety of diets, including Keto or Whole 30.


EPIC does not offer returns for products based on personal taste, so buying the product comes with an inherent risk. They allow cancellations of orders via email within 12 hours of the order being purchased.

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EPIC is sold in 14-ounce glass jars, much smaller containers than is traditional for bone broth packaging. Some customers may prefer this, as the containers are perfect for a single serving and very portable, as well as being shelf stable before opening. However, if using the broth in large quantities for cooking or other purposes, users may have to open multiple jars. EPIC bone broth’s labels are slightly busy, and have a lot of words on the front, which some may find to be a turnoff. The text is also very light on a tan background, which some may find difficult to read.


EPIC uses weight-based shipping for their products. For orders weighing 0-10.99 lbs, shipping is $8.50. For orders between 11 and 15.99 lbs, shipping is $14.95. For orders between 16 and 20.99 lbs, shipping is $19.95. For orders between 21 and 29.99 lbs, shipping is $24.95. Finally for orders between 30 and 39.99 lbs, shipping is $29.95. Shipping increases by $10 for every additional 10 lbs. EPIC offers free shipping for orders of more than $50.