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Started from the joy of two brothers and their wives, Funboy boasts itself as a family business and aims to restore relaxation and joy through their playful pool accessories which are designed to enhance leisure and inspire bliss.

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  • Started from the joy of two brothers and their wives, Funboy boasts itself as a family business and aims to restore relaxation and joy through their playful pool accessories which are designed to enhance leisure and inspire bliss.
  • Funboy is committed to its responsibility to the environment. All of its products are free of harmful chemicals and additives, they have recyclable packaging, and have a paperless business. Their floats are also made of thicker and more durable materials that can last, which produces less waste than products that may not even make it through an entire summer much fewer multiple summer.
  • Funboy floats are large, loud, attention-grabbing, and unique. They make a statement, and that statement is all about having FUN while using their floats. They have floats that are big enough for multiple people to enjoy together, as well as inner tubes for one person. Their floats are Instagram worthy,·and they truly stand out. They also go beyond the traditional pool floats and have kiddie pools, ball pits, and drink coolers?un for everyone!
  • Funboy also has a great selection of inflatables for the winter. From inflatable sleds or toboggans, to snow tubes and shot skis, with Funboys selection, you can find a product for any weather and time of year. Funboy snow inflatables are equally as eye-catching as their summer products, but their colors are more subdued, cool, and reminiscent of the holidays.
Price range $20 - $150

Funboy floats range in price depending on the size of the product. The smaller items like the drink holders or inner tubes, can be as low as $20-35, and the large, multi-person floats or sleds range closer to the $100-150 range. The ride on floats such as the unicorns, lips, sports car are all in the mid-range of their products, coming in around $50-70.

Cost Compared to Competitors

When looking at Funboy's competitors, it is clear that they have a price point that is a bit higher than most. In comparison to online stores that have a similar specialty like Sunnylife or Bando, pricing is similar, however Funboy still inches out as the most expensive, especially with its larger party floats. For floats that look similar, but are of lesser quality at large competitors like Target, Amazon, or Walmart, Funboy is double or triple the price depending on the retailer.


Funboy floats are extremely popular and trendy. They are Instagram delights with their fun prints and unique designs. They often partner with bigger labels to launch limited edition floats, which further increases their popularity. The floats by Funboy are sturdy and beautiful, but fun.

Funboy also has a great selection of winter inflatables, which is something incredibly unique in comparison to its major competitors. Because of this, Funboy has created a bold, creative inventory of products that span all weather conditions. Many of their winter inflatables can even be bought in a two pack so you can have fun in the snow with a friend or a child.

Funboy has a commitment to sustainability and conducts its manufacturing to reflect this. They are constantly researching and innovating their materials, production, and quality. Their products are individually tested to ensure they are free of any harmful chemicals and avoid waste whenever possible.

Funboy floats are made of thicker, more durable materials and thus last longer. People praise the durability of the floats, as well comfort they feel on them, and the sturdiness they feel as they get on and off the float.


The surging popularity of Funboy floats, especially during the pandemic, has increased the demand for them, and many floats go out of stock very quickly. When exploring their site, many of the options were unavailable for purchase with no indication of when they might come back in stock, and no option to be notified when a product was available again.

Product reviews are not on the website. If a customer wanted to read reviews on the products before purchasing, they would have to find the product on a third-party site, like Amazon, and read reviews there. With so many different options for pool inflatables with different companies, having to dig for a review is a deterrent. This rat race to find truthful reviews, comes across as if there is something the company is trying to hide.

Their floats are generally priced higher than those of its competitors due to their quality, their commitment to non-toxic materials, and their overall demand and popularity. Similar looking products can be found at different big box retailers like target or Walmart for far less.

Given the size, and materials of their floats, Funboy floats will take a bit of maintenance if they are desired to last. Party floats may take a day to dry out before folding for storage, and any water left behind can cause mildew or mold to grow. There is a ?ow to care for your float·section on their website that is quite lengthy and informative, however, it is somewhat hidden, and took a bit of digging to find.


Funboy floats are an Instagrammers dream. They are popular, trendy, and colorful. They primarily cater to adults and young adults who desire a playful, relaxing life. Their mission is making downtime a priority and that mindset resonates with the Instagram crowd. This age range may be anywhere from 16-21, or 25-40, depending on the occasion.

How long does the product last?

The floats will last for several experiences with proper maintenance. This includes rinsing with fresh water after use, deflating until flat, keeping out of UV exposure when not in use, and storing in a cool, dry place. The material the floats are made out of, are meant to be sturdy and used for more than a handful of times.


Although Funboy rarely offers discount codes because of how highly sought-after they are, they do offer 10% off the first purchase to customers who sign up for their newsletter with their email address, and currently have a discount out for 15% select purchases which seems to run from time to time throughout the year.


Funboy flights are wonderful for gifting, especially given their variety in products that appeal to the summer or winter lover, and to kids. Their popularity would make receiving one of their floats an exciting gift because many are so hard to come by given their limited stock and high demand. They have ?undles·on their site that make gifting easier, however many are sold out. They do not offer gift cards or vouchers on their site and do have a 15-day (from the day the order was received) return policy to receive a full refund.


Funboy will replace any defective float within 15 day of receipt and will also allow returns for full refunds (less the cost of shipping) if they are in their original packaging, and also within 15 days of receipt. The return process usually takes 1-2 weeks, and once they have the returned item, they will issue the refund to the credit card used to purchase the item. If there is any issue with replacement, defective floats, etc., they have an email address that you can send inquiries to.

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Funboy floats introduced recyclable packaging in 2019 and plans to make all packaging recyclable by 2021.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Funboy is telling its customers to allow 2-3 business days for an order to process and ship due to. Fed-Ex Ground Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days; however, they also offer FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx 3-Day, and FedEx 2-Day shipping. Funboy offers free FedEx Ground Shipping on orders $149 or more.