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Intex seeks to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price, and to be the most recognizable, trusted and innovative company in the inflatables market. They work to provide products that are built to last; they regularly test finished products to make sure that they meet the company? high standards for quality and safety.

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  • Intex seeks to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price, and to be the most recognizable, trusted and innovative company in the inflatables market. They work to provide products that are built to last; they regularly test finished products to make sure that they meet the company? high standards for quality and safety.
  • Intex doesn't just sell pool floats; they also sell inflatable mattresses and furniture, boats and kayaks, even spas and above ground pools. So if you?e in the market for both a pool float and a pool to float around in, you can get both from Intex.
  • Intex's pool floats are inventive and fun, they offer traditional inflatable options like rectangular mats, while also selling quirkier floats shaped like llamas and motorcycles.
  • Since Intex sells mainly inflatable equipment, they also offer a variety of air pumps that can be used to inflate their products, from hand and foot pumps to quick-fill, high PSI electric pumps. Depending on your level of need, there are many options to choose from.
Price range $15 - $30

Since Intex offers such a broad variety of products, the prices range from under $10 for small inflatables and pool toys to hundreds of dollars for above ground pools. When it comes to their pool floats, however, prices start at $10 for a basic rectangular mat, and go up to $124 for a ?anopy Island· a semi-covered luxury lounger, but most of the pool floats that Intex has to offer are in the $15-30 range.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Intex sells a wide range of inflatable pool floats and toys for affordable prices. While some of their larger products, like pools and spas, can cost at least a few hundred dollars, the pool floats they offer come at a lower cost than those sold by many competitors. Jasonwell, a China-based pool float company, is comparable in price to Intex, but Intex does offer some smaller and lower-cost options than Jasonwell does. When it comes to more luxurious brands like Sunny Life, Intex is notably less expensive? rectangular inflatable mat from Intex costs $10, which is over a dollar less than a simple inflatable noodle from Sunny Life (and that? the current sale price?he non-sale price for the noodle is $16).


Intex has been in the pool float business since the 1970s, under a different name?he Wet Set?o you can trust that they know what they?e doing when it comes to producing quality inflatables.

While Intex produces plastic items, the company is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint?or the last ten years, they?e worked with their supplier to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in production.

Intex products are available at a wide range of retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Dick? Sporting Goods?o if you prefer to purchase your inflatables in-person rather than online, there are plenty of physical locations where you can pick up an Intex product.

Intex? simple website is easy to navigate, while still providing visual appeal. And the Age Grading search filter (located obviously on the sidebar) makes it easy to find the right pool float for your family.


Intex has a warranty for many of their products, such as their boats, beds, and above ground pools?ut no such coverage exists for pool floats. So if your inflatable frappe-shaped float springs a leak, you?e out of luck.

While most Amazon customer reviews are favorable, there are many people who complain about Intex pool floats·durability?hey say that they?e had to replace their floats multiple times because of seam failure. However, plenty of reviewers say that the floats are durable and stay inflated during long periods of use?o these seam failures may be uncommon.

While the Intex website is easy to navigate, some information is noticeably lacking. When looking at the FAQ section for floats and toys, there are only four questions and answers?nd they all pertain to products other than floats and toys. So either there are no frequently asked questions about their line of pool floats, or their website could use some updating.

Intex impersonators are everywhere; countless people have been tricked by fake websites claiming to be operated by Intex?he fake sites take customers·money and either don? send them what they paid for·r don? send them anything at all. Intex is aware of this, and has an entire page on their website detailing how to spot a fake Intex website. If you?e looking to buy an Intex product, make sure you?e on their official website.


Unlike some trendier pool float companies that market their products toward aspiring Instagram influencers, Intex is a family company. Many of their products are shown being used by children and adults alike?ome of their group floats are geared toward large families, showing multiple kids in the same boat while dad pushes them around the pool. Their air furniture offerings include kid-sized air mattresses and dorm-appropriate furnishings, and their spas are more for the adults in the family, but Intex clearly has something for everybody, regardless of their age.

How long does the product last?

The durability of Intex pool floats get mostly favorable reviews, but many customers complain about leaks and seam failures after little to no use. That seems fairly rare, however?any more customers claim that the floats can go for long periods of time without needing refilling at all. Ultimately, any problems with Intex products may be individual factory defects?he reviews would make it seem that most people are satisfied with their Intex pool floats.


The Intex website doesn? provide any information on regular sales, and nothing on the website is currently offered at a discount. Since Intex products are available from a variety of retailers, many items may be on sale?ut that? at the discretion of Walmart, Target, and the several other stores that sell Intex products.


Depending on your geographic location, pool floats may not make the best winter holiday gift?ut luckily, Intex sells much more than pool floats. Many people would appreciate air mattresses and inflatable spas, and if your giftee happens to live in an area with year-round pool access, Intex? floats and toys make great gifts for kids.


The Intex website offers a number of ways to contact the company: Intext provides a mailing address, customer service line, and an in-site contact form that you can fill out with any questions you might have. However, customer reviews on third-party sites warn against Intex?ore than a few customers say that they waited on the phone for 20 minutes before being automatically disconnected. The Intex website provides detailed information on product returns; unused products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, but customers who receive defective or incorrect products have 15 days to call Intex customer support and report the issue.

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Intex pool floats are packaged in cardboard boxes that do not reseal and are seemingly meant for packaging?ot for post-use storage. Obviously, the floats arrive deflated, so you need to inflate your Intex product upon its arrival.


When ordering directly from the Intex website, you are given two options: FedEx Smart Post Delivers, which costs $12.38 and takes a couple of weeks; and FedEx 2nd Day Delivers, which costs $33.32 and, because of the holiday season, takes about the same. Ultimately, it may be more sensible to order your Intex products from Amazon or purchase them in-person at any of the many retail locations where they?e sold.