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La Fleur Bouquets offers the widest selection of colors for long-lasting roses. La Fleur bouquets are available in forty colors, including a selection of metallics and ombre/rainbow colors.

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  • La Fleur Bouquets offers the widest selection of colors for long-lasting roses. La Fleur bouquets are available in forty colors, including a selection of metallics and ombre/rainbow colors.
  • La Fleur offers roses, sunflowers, peonies, and orchids. La Fleur has extended the process of creating long-lasting roses to other flowers, which is great for recipients and gift-givers who like options other than the traditional rose.
  • La Fleur offers a signature "emoji" collection of bouquets that features unique and fun designs. This is a great option for encouraging a younger audience to purchase long-lasting floral arrangements instead of fresh flowers. These types of arrangements are great for gifting to younger recipients; even children can enjoy a year-long emoji bouquet.
  • La Fleur offers a custom fragrance gift selection. La Fleur has captured the essence of the fragrant rose by offering not only a custom fragrance but also crystal diffusers and candles that allow a user to enjoy the rose fragrance as long as their custom bouquets last. Alternatively, these optional gifts allow for non-floral gifts which may be more appealing to other users.
Price range $39-$549+

La Fleur bouquets range in price from $39-$549 and up for customized bouquets. Their other gifts range in price from $49-$159.

Cost Compared to Competitors

La Fleur's price compared to competitors is very similar. However they do offer a Cyber Monday sale on some arrangements that make them less expensive than competitors. Pricing is higher than competitors if you choose to customize your order. Customizing options appear pricier than competitors. However, La Fleur does offer the lowest price single bloom floral arrangement at $39, undercutting the competition by at least $10.00. This may make it more accessible to consumers on a limited budget. It also makes giving the gift of an eternal flower more accessible and more of an option to consider in lieu of fresh flowers or other gifts.


La Fleur bouquets are available as roses, peonies, sunflowers, and orchids. These different flower options set La Fleur apart from other long-lasting flower arrangement companies which generally only offer roses. This also makes giving the gift of an eternal flower arrangement an option for recipients who do not particularly love roses, or who have an affinity for sunflowers, orchids, or peonies.

La Fleur bouquets can be displayed longer than one to two weeks, compared to traditional bouquets. Especially when giving the gift of fresh roses, which may only last a week, the value in a La Fleur bouquet is much better. Although the price point is higher, the recipient will get to enjoy their bouquet for upwards of a year, as opposed to a week with flowers that begin to wilt and die.

La Fleur Bouquets offers color varieties not attainable in fresh cut flower bouquets. Your imagination is your only limit when deciding on a La Fleur bouquet, as they can customize a floral arrangement to fit your artistic concept or your recipients·

La Fleur bouquets do not require much care. Bouquets arrive perfectly arranged and have been carefully designed by a professional floral artist. They do not need to be given freshwater or plant food, sat in the sunlight, trimmed of dead blooms, etc. Occasional dusting is all that is required for them to maintain their beauty and radiance.


The price of a long-lasting bouquet is generally much higher than a fresh cut bouquet of flowers. One dozen fresh-cut, long-stemmed red roses from popular florists are typically between $75-$99, compared to approximately $200 for a bouquet of long-lasting roses or flowers from La Fleur. This may place long-lasting flowers out of some consumers·budgets. Additionally, it may be that a consumer does not wish to spend that much money on a single gift.

Some recipients may not like non-traditional colors of flowers. Long-lasting floral bouquets from La Fleur bouquets are available in numerous colors, including non-traditional flower colors. While these options may be appealing to the purchaser, they should keep in mind that their recipient may not enjoy the non-traditional colors of the flowers and may prefer the original color of the blooms.

La Fleur Bouquet's non-floral gift options are limited. While La Fleur does offer some non-floral arrangement gift options, they are all scent-related which may not be appropriate for recipients who have sensitivities to fragrance, or who do not burn candles or diffuse scented essential oils. The diffusers, also, are priced much higher than comparable diffusers available from other marketplaces, which may cause a consumer to look elsewhere if a diffuser is what they want to purchase.

Local delivery and pick up is only available in the Los Angeles area. If you want to give the experience of hand-delivered floral bouquets, you will be limited to doing so by your location. While La Fleur is able to ship nationwide and to some other countries, there is no hand delivery option anywhere outside of the greater Los Angeles area.


La Fleur's audience is women aged 20-40. Men in this age range seem to like ordering from this company as well. The availability of fun, playful designs make La Fleur appealing even to teenagers and young adults. Men and women love gifting La Fleur arrangements. Additionally, collaboration gifts are great for any age because they feature beloved pop icons and characters that may hold special importance to different people.

How long does the product last?

La Fleur bouquets last up to one year. Some portions of their website state that the bouquets last “for years.”


La Fleur offers 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. They offer a buy one get one free Cyber Monday special each year on some of their smaller, single flower arrangements. No other sales information was available.


La Fleur bouquets are great as gifts for all ages. The emoji collection is great for fun and appropriate for younger audiences. La Fleur specializes in bouquets for special occasions. La Fleur bouquets even make great gifts for older children who are familiar with emojis and would appreciate a long-lasting decorative item for their room. La Fleur also offers collaborative collections, featuring artists·renditions of popular pop icons and characters which are great for fans of these characters and images. These particular boxes of long-lasting flowers are also great gifts for men, who will appreciate the iconic images.


La Fleur Bouquets·customer service is rated as satisfactory, and as exceeding expectations. La Fleur offers a web-based messaging option, an email address, a physical address, and a telephone number on their website. Customers are also impressed with the speed of shipment. No complaints were reviewed for customer service. It should be noted that La Fleur does not offer a return or refund option and that their website states if a product arrives damaged you should contact them regarding replacement.

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Unboxing a bouquet from La Fleur is an exhilarating experience. The box arrives with flowers perfectly arranged; no adjusting or straightening necessary. The box that contains the flowers is high-quality and usable for years to come. Flowers are artful and tastefully arranged. La Fleur also offers acrylic encasements for those who prefer them. Floral arrangements arrive professionally arranged with no need to transfer to a vase, cut stems, add water, or plant food. Simply open the box, and display the beautiful flowers. Opening a box of long-lasting roses from La Fleur is a visually stimulating experience.


Shipping is available nationwide. No shipping outside of the United States. Shipping cost is determined by location. There are no guarantees for a timely arrival. La Fleur states they do their best·to ensure that your delivery arrives on the date you select, however, once the item leaves their warehouse they are unable to make a guarantee about a definite arrival time. There is no information about shipping refunds if your delivery arrives early or late.