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Medals of America is a retail company that offers military goods, including medals, ribbons, shadow boxes, and apparel. When the business began in 1976, it focused solely on shadow boxes. Over the years, it slowly expanded to include a wide range of products related to the armed forces.

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  • Medals of America is a retail company that offers military goods, including medals, ribbons, shadow boxes, and apparel. When the business began in 1976, it focused solely on shadow boxes. Over the years, it slowly expanded to include a wide range of products related to the armed forces.
  • Medals of America offers a large selection of customizable products such as apparel, I.D. tags, home goods, and auto accessories. Customers can choose their own text, image, or design to be printed on a wide array of products. The online customization tools are simple and easy to use, and the customer service team is available to assist with any difficulties.
  • The mission of Medals of America is to honor the service and sacrifice of active duty, retired, and veteran service members. The company aims to keep veterans at the core of their business. Not only does Medals of America offer military products, but they have also created an online community on social media. On the company? Facebook and Instagram pages, service members and their loved ones can discuss their experiences, memories, and more.
  • One of the main focuses of Medals of America is shadow boxes. The company began in 1976 with their sole focus being shadow boxes. This allowed them to develop the best techniques to create beautiful shadow boxes. They also provide access to rare medals and awards in order to ensure that each shadow box is complete.
Price range $4.95 - $49.95

Custom shadow boxes start as low as $49.95, and medal racks start at $4.95. Ribbon racks cost as low as $1.65. Apparel ranges in price depending on the type of product. For example, t-shirts range between $7.95 and $34.95.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Compared to their competitors, Medals of America is relatively low-priced. At Medals of America, custom shadow boxes start at $49.95, and medal racks start at $4.95. By contrast, at USA Military Medals, the cost of a shadow box starts at $119.99, while a medal rack starts at $14.99. Ribbon racks from Medals of America cost as low as $1.65, while they start at $9.99 from USA Military Medals. In general, Medals of America offers very affordable prices.


Medals of America is founded and operated by veterans, which means that the staff members understand the needs of their customers. This understanding is especially important with regard to shadow boxes, ribbons, and medals. Having an expert level of knowledge allows for the staff members at Medals of America to create high-quality, authentic custom products. Moreover, the company aims to support veterans and their families. In turn, veterans that support Medals of America can feel good about providing support to other veterans.

Medals of America offers a huge variety of goods. Their inventory contains almost any military-related item one could imagine. This is very convenient for anyone looking to order a wide variety of merchandise all from one location. Moreover, the company? large inventory allows customers to find exactly what they want without having to compromise.

The personalization options on many of their products allow for customers to create unique products for themselves or to gift to others. Medals of America offers custom shadow boxes, ribbon racks, medal racks, dog tags, I.D. tags, and much more. They also offer the option to customize a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, wooden plaques, home decor, and more, with text or images. This is a positive aspect of their business because it gives customers the opportunity to create a truly unique product that makes an excellent gift.

Medals of America is inexpensive. Compared to its competitors, like USA Military Medals, Medals of America is very inexpensive for consumers. For anyone looking to save money, Medals of America is an ideal option. The brand offers a wide selection of items for a reasonable price.


Customers are often charged the wrong monetary amount for their order. Many customers have claimed that they were charged a price that was higher than the price listed on the website. Others complain that they were charged twice for the same item, or that their card was charged but they never received their order. Overall, there seems to be an issue with keeping track of payments and orders.

Some reviews claim that the customer service team at Medals of America is slow and unresponsive. They often take days or weeks to respond to inquiries about orders. Overall, many reviewers report that the customer service staff is inconsistent and inattentive to detail.

Shipping is often slow and unreliable. Many reviewers have reported that their orders arrived weeks after the estimated arrival date. In general, the estimated arrival date is unreliable. Some orders are shipped with no issue, while others are extremely delayed.

Some reviewers have reported that Medals of America products are poorly made and lacking in durability. For example, certain customers noted that the products they received after placing an order from the online store looked very different than they did in the images on the company? website. Similarly, some reviews claim that their ribbon racks began to fall apart quickly, or that their products arrived looking messy and poorly constructed. While some customers were happy with their products, others were completely dissatisfied and recommended avoiding this company.


The ideal customer for Medals of America is any active, retired, or veteran member of the military, as well as their family members and friends. The mission of Medals of America is to serve and honor these people. All of their goods are catered towards members of the service.

How long does the product last?

The longevity of Medal of America products depends on the specific type of product. In general, their shadow boxes should last for many years, as long as they are cared for properly. Regarding ribbons and medals, some reviewers have complained that their products have begun to fall apart after only a short period of time. One common complaint is that Medals of America has seen a decrease in quality in recent years as it grows as a company.


Medals of America tends to have sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moreover, one ongoing sale at Medals of America is the offer of free shipping for orders $99 and up. Finally, they also have a substantial clearance section available on their website.


Medals of America offers a variety of excellent gift options for military service members. Shadow boxes could make an ideal gift for a veteran or active service member. The company also offers medals, ribbons, apparel, accessories, and other military gear. Finally, Medals of America has a variety of customizable goods available for anyone looking for a personalized, thoughtful gift.


The customer service department receives many complaints from customers. Customers have reported that it was difficult to get in touch with the customer service team. Additionally, many reviewers have complained that they were charged the wrong amount for their purchase, and that receiving a refund was also a long process.

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There is nothing notable about Medals of America's packaging. Reviewers do not mention any interesting or unusual aspects about the packaging or unboxing experience.


Shipping is a major issue for Medals of America. The company is unreliable when it comes to sending out orders on time. Although some orders arrive with no issues, others arrive several days or weeks late. With regards to the cost of shipping, Medals of America offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more.