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Miracle Brand uses silver fibers in their sheets and towels to reduce odors and bacteria. This means you will do three times less laundry and have healthier skin since the sheets and towels are essentially self-cleaning. This silver fiber formula is unusual, and Miracle Brand is one of very few brands using this technique.

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  • Miracle Brand uses silver fibers in their sheets and towels to reduce odors and bacteria. This means you will do three times less laundry and have healthier skin since the sheets and towels are essentially self-cleaning. This silver fiber formula is unusual, and Miracle Brand is one of very few brands using this technique.
  • Their anti-microbial silver formula prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth. Regular sheets and towels collect extensive bacteria after two weeks, while Miracle Brand sheets and towels collect minimal bacteria. Silver ions act as a magnet for bacteria and stop bacteria reproduction in its tracks. The website shows the process of bacteria collection in an infographic.
  • Customers can try Miracle Brand risk-free for thirty days. If you don't like your sheets and towels, you can return them within the thirty day period for a full refund, no questions asked. Their customer service is easily accessible by email or phone to facilitate returns.
  • Miracle Brand also offers free shipping and returns on all products within the United States. They make it easy for customers and wholesale buyers to try out the brand. Shipping is calculated during checkout for shipments outside of the US, but Miracle Brand does ship internationally using DHL Express.
Price range $14 - $429

Prices range from washcloths at $14 a piece to the Extra Luxe Move In bundle at $429. You can buy individual bath towels starting at $35, or a full towel set for $99. Bedding sets start at $109 for a Signature set, and cost $189 at the most for an Extra Luxe set. The Signature set features sheets with a 350 thread count, while the Extra Luxe sheets are made from supima cotton and feature a 500 thread count. Miracle Brand's priciest items are their bundles. The Home Bundle and Move In Bundle are both currently on sale for 25% off. The Home Bundle includes one full sheet set and one full towel set, starting at $179. The Move In Bundle includes two sheet sets and two towel sets, starting at $319. Both include sheet sizes in Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cali King, with prices fluctuating to reflect the size. They also include a choice between the Signature and Extra Luxes sheets.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Miracle Brand's prices are slightly higher than competitors. There aren't many companies using silver fibers in their sheets and towels, so they aren't taking too much of a risk raising their prices. However, Silvon, another company using silver fibers and advertising sheets for better skin, does gave lower prices on sheets and towels than Miracle Brand. They don't have as much information about the benefits of silver fibers on their website, so it's possible that they don't use them to the extent that Miracle Brand does.


Customers appear to love Miracle Brand. The "Reviews" section of their website has over 2,000 five star reviews and only 10 one-star reviews.

Miracle Brand is one of the few luxury bedding brands using silver fibers in their sheets and towels. It's difficult to find real competitors online. Other brands using silver fibers also aren't marketing their sheets and towels the same way. Some brands are more focused on pillowcases and highlight the healthy skin aspect of using silver fibers, while Miracle Brand focuses on the convenience of these sheets.

Miracle Brand offers wholesale packages as well as selling to individual customers. It is easy for stores and other companies to purchase sheets and towels in bulk.

The amount of scientific information on Miracle Brand's website sets it apart from competitors. They state in easily comprehensible graphics how silver fibers work and protect the customer from bacteria buildup and odor. These infographics let the consumer know that they are getting a lot for their money.


There are only two color options for both sheets and towels, stone or white. There is only one style for sheets and one style of towels as well. While major competitors using silver fibers aren't offering a lot of different colors or styles either, it is easy for consumers to find cheaper, better-looking sheets and towels.

The price is high. Although the quality seems to be great from customer reviews, Miracle Brand's prices are not cheap. Someone in the market for luxury bedding might not object, but people just looking for nice sheets would probably opt for a cheaper brand.

The theory of using silver fibers to eliminate bacteria is relatively new and untested. There is a possibility that it won't work as well as Miracle Brand suggests that it will. There aren't a lot of competing brands using silver fibers, and if it really made that much of a difference, there should be plenty of other brands jumping in on the market. Weighing whether it will work as well as advertised against the higher cost may be a major problem for consumers.

Miracle Brand sheets and towels are only sold online. There is not an option to feel or see them in stores. If you choose to buy bedding or bath products, you will be buying blind in terms of how luxurious they feel and how high quality they look.


Miracle Brand isn't marketed at a specific demographic, but with the price point, middle-aged or higher-income young people would be most likely to buy the sheets and towels. People who are more interested in technological and scientific development, as well as comfort and homemaking, would be ideal customers for Miracle Brand.

How long does the product last?

With three times less washing, Miracle Brand towels and sheets are made to last several years. They are less likely to get dirty or worn than any other sheets. Miracle Brand's FAQ section on their website specifies that their sheets and towels are made to be washed every three weeks, instead of every week like traditional sheets and towels.


Miracle Brand offers 15% off when you sign up for email blasts. The company sends out occasional coupon codes to customers who sign up for emails. They are also currently having a 20% off sale for Christmas with a promo code.


Their website offers a gifting guide that includes their standard sheet and towel sets, and some other small goodies. Miracle Brand makes a "Miracle Candle" called Flix & Chill in a vanilla bean scent made to help the user relax. While it's currently sold out online, the candle is only $25.00. They also offer a set of four different scents of bath salts, French lavender, holiday peppermint, soothing rose and Japanese tea tree. Each vial of bath salts includes 1oz of product. The four-piece set is also only $25.00. Miracle Brand also includes their silver fiber duvet in the gift section, which while plain could be a more fun gift than a sheet set.


The "Contact Us" section on Miracle Brand's website offers two email addresses that customers can use to get in touch with customer service. The website states that emails will be replied to within 1-2 business days. The second email address is for urgent business requests and cancellations; emails sent to that address are usually responded to within 1 hour. Miracle Brand has a hotline number which should be answered 24/7. They also offer an in-depth FAQ section on the website and care instructions. Miracle Brand has a free, no questions asked 30-day return policy. Instructions for returning items can be emailed to the customer. They also offer services for lost, damaged, or stolen orders if a claim is filed.

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All of Miracle Brand's packaging is 100% recyclable. Like their towels and bedding, their packaging is sustainably produced and eco-friendly. It is also produced without lamination.


Miracle brand offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. Shipping to Canada costs a flat fee of $15. Shipping for the rest of the world is calculated at checkout, using DHL delivery service. Domestic orders are shipped by UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Domestic orders typically ship within 24 hours and arrive in 3-5 business days. Domestic orders can also be expedited, for an extra fee.