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An Australian based summer lifestyle brand, Sunnylife is committed to producing unique, quality, cutting-edge pool floats. Their floats are innovative, and trend-setting, but even more importantly, they are comfortable and sturdy. Sunnylife floats are bold and stylish and are designed to enhance the summer experience.

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  • An Australian based summer lifestyle brand, Sunnylife is committed to producing unique, quality, cutting-edge pool floats. Their floats are innovative, and trend-setting, but even more importantly, they are comfortable and sturdy. Sunnylife floats are bold and stylish and are designed to enhance the summer experience.
  • Sunnylife floats are designed to inflate your summer and makeover your pool experience. They are Instagram worthy, with their Luxe and eye-catching designs. From floating on an inflatable bottle of Rose to sunbathing upon a golden swan, Sunnylife floats truly enhance your relaxation and your summer style.
  • In addition to inflatables that can support your body in the water, Sunnylife also has a variety of inflatables to support your social life as well. Sunnylife has a variety of inflatable drink holders that are equally as bold as their large pool floats. They have both single drink holder inflatables, or a family-size drink holder float, and they even have an inflatable ice bucket. To further enhance your summer social life, Sunnylife floats also come in a variety of pool toys that can be used both in and out of the pool. From a ring toss to inflatable sports like basketball and volleyball, and uniquely trendy beach balls, Sunnylife floats has all the basics to a successful pool party covered.
  • Sunnylife also makes inflatables for children. For the infant, they have inflatable baby swim seats and baby floats as well as a kiddie pool. For children moving towards more independence in the pool they have inflatable arm bands, and they also have ride on floats and rings for the older child. Just like their products for adults, the selection for children is fun, bold, sturdy, and eye-catching.
Price range $10 - $100

The cost of Sunnylife inflatables is typically dependent on size and popularity with smaller items such as beach balls and drink holders coming in around $10-15, and larger, ride on, inflatables ranging anywhere from $40-100 depending on the size and float.

Cost Compared to Competitors

In comparison to its competitors, Sunnylife has similar pricing to large box competitors such as Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, and Macy?; is also on par with similar online businesses specializing in similar products such as Funboy or Pool Candy; but is much higher than that of places like Target, Walmart, or Overstock which also carry a variety of inflatables that typically price below the $40 mark.


Sunnylife inflatables are truly eye-catching and unique. In comparison to their competitors, their pool floats look of better quality and thus seem to be highly desirable for the trendy Instagram crowd which seems to be their target market. They have been around since 2003 and are an established company in the inflatables and summer products market. They also launch products in a certain style and offer that style in many different coordinating products which is distinctive and appealing.

They cover all bases to ensure the ideal pool inflatable experience by offering floats of varying sizes, floats for recreational activities in the water, and floats for children. A family could visit the Sunnylife site, and find something for everyone in their family to enjoy.

Customers rave about the sturdiness of the floats, how comfortable they are, their quality, functionality, and how well they are made. Trust in an inflatable product is of extra importance when enjoying time safely in the water, and comfort makes them even more desirable. Their floats use a thicker and more durable PVC than some of its other competitors and are all non-toxic. They also have an added chamber to increase stability in their ride on floats, to give that extra layer of safety. They have created a product where the customer can be both stylish and safe.

Customer service is responsive and fast. They are happy to replace a faulty item and are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. The form on their website also makes it extremely easy to submit a claim, there is no need to dig around on the website or stay on hold on the phone waiting.


The exclusive and unique products Sunnylife carries, cause them to be out of stock often. The demand for their popular floats is high and they cannot always keep them in supply for their customers.

Due to their quality, Sunnylife floats tend to be at a higher price point than some of its larger competitors. The consumer could go onto Amazon or into Target and find a float similar to those offered by Sunnylife for half the cost.

They keep the variety of their products low and do not over-saturate their website with hundreds of prints. This can be seen both positively and negatively, but if an item is out of stock, there are not a plethora of other items to choose from in its place so a customer may turn to a different company that offers inflatables similar to the ones offered by Sunnylife.

Sunnylife is completely online and there is no physical store so if there is an issue with your product, you have to contact their customer service team. For some people, this may be a deterrent because they will have to do a little more legwork in order to fix whatever issue they may have.


The ideal market for Sunnylife pool floats is geared towards the Instagrammer crowd which is approximately ages 16-35. While they have products for the whole family including children, Sunnylife floats aim to produce a product that is not only functional but that the consumer looks good with, as well as looks stylish in the water where it is being used.

How long does the product last?

The products at Sunnylife can last a long time if they are cared for correctly. They do offer a 12-month warranty so the assumption is that they should last at least that long, if treated well. They advise to not overinflate their floats, to store them in a cool, dry place, to keep the float clean and free of dirt and debris, and to deflate the inflatables when they are not in use.


Sunnylife tends to run different promotions from time to time. These promotions seem to average around 30% off or "Buy one Get one 50% off" is also very popular and they seem to run that promotion often. In addition to the promotions ran during the year, they also have a sale section on the "Shop" portion of their website which has a variety of items at 70% off. Additionally, if you decide to sign up for their newsletter, they will provide you with a promotion to get 10% off your first order.


Sunnylife floats are great for gifting, especially if there is an approaching vacation, or you live in a climate where they can be used often. They have a gift-guide section on their website which breaks items up into ways that make it easier to select items for different genders, ages, and price points. In addition to the different gifting categories they put together for you on their site, they also offer gift cards for Sunnylife products to be purchased and delivered online, truly making gifting Sunnylife items easily.


The customer service of Sunnylife is fast and responsive. There is a 30-day return policy, refunds are available but exchanges are not. There is a 12-month warranty for faulty items, and a form right on the website for complete ease of submitting a claim. Customers rave about the speed of shipping a replacement item and the great experiences they have with the Sunnylife customer service team.

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Sunnylife Floats come packaged in a box with a picture of the product on it. Keeping on theme with the rest of their products, the color scheme and display on the box is attractive and eye-catching.


Once a product has been purchased, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer. Their standard delivery is a flat rate of $10, and they offer free delivery on orders over $149. In addition to this, they offer international shipping. With the standard shipping option, Sunnylife tells customers to allow up to 3-8 business days for delivery, and customers rave about the speed of shipping.