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The Million Roses rose bouquets last up to three years. While traditional living bouquets may last a week to a week and a half, the gift of a long lasting bouquet from The Million roses will remain beautiful and forever fresh for up to three years. Essentially, the recipient is given a bouquet of flowers that never dies.

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  • The Million Roses rose bouquets last up to three years. While traditional living bouquets may last a week to a week and a half, the gift of a long lasting bouquet from The Million roses will remain beautiful and forever fresh for up to three years. Essentially, the recipient is given a bouquet of flowers that never dies.
  • There are twenty-two vibrant colors available. These include silver and gold. The Million Roses offers individual blooms that are omni-colored and offers boxes of roses in multiple colors. For Pride month, they also offer rainbow-colored blooms.
  • Long-lasting roses are great for any occasion. The Million Roses markets their long-lasting roses as gifts for practically anyone, including as a gift option for dads on Father? Day. The Million Roses offers numerous varieties of blooms counts and size options which make giving a small or large gift easy.
  • The Million Roses bouquets are stunning on delivery. Both recipients of The Million Roses bouquets and purchasers have left amazing feedback regarding the visual appeal of bouquets on delivery. Each bouquet is arranged by hand by a trained floral designer. When the package is received and opened, the roses are perfectly displayed and aesthetically pleasing.
Price range $49 - $899

The Million Roses offers bouquets beginning at $49 and topping out at $899, possibly more if you would like a fully customized deluxe box of long lasting roses. They do offer long stem roses in bouquets of one dozen for $199. Considering a dozen long-stemmed fresh roses from popular florists can cost $79-$99 and will die within a week, this is a very good value.

Cost Compared to Competitors

The cost compared to competitors is similar. The Million Roses is priced higher than Venus et Fleur in certain sizes. When sale priced, The Million Roses bouquets are less expensive than all competitors' pricing. The Million Roses is the least expensive long lasting rose bouquet when on sale compared to all other competitors, however it isn? clear from their website how frequently they have sales.


The Million Roses bouquets last up to three years. Of all the long-lasting floral arrangement marketplaces researched, The Million Roses is the only company that claims their roses last longer than one year.

The Million Roses have incredible sales which allow their prices to undercut competitor pricing. For instance, their Black Friday Sale which extended into the following week featured bouquets for up to 40% off the original price. Considering you can select a delivery date in the future, this is a great option for anyone who would like to purchase The Million Roses but is limited to a tighter budget.

Available in different encasements like hat boxes and acrylic cases. Generally, long-lasting roses come in a hatbox that is shaped either square, round, or maybe the heart. The Million Roses offers a beautiful acrylic box encasing for those that would prefer an option to a hatbox. This is unique in that it allows the viewer to see more of the bloom.

The Million Roses offers several methods of delivery, including a delayed shipping option. This allows you to select a date in the future to have your long-lasting roses delivered.


Price is much higher than a traditional bouquet of roses. The price point of The Million Roses bouquets is much higher than traditional floral arrangements. Although the Million Roses lasts years as opposed to a living bouquet which lasts little more than a week, the price point may exclude some consumers from purchasing. Additionally, if a consumer is on a budget, they may only be able to buy a few long-lasting rose blooms as opposed to an entire bouquet of fresh flowers.

Some recipients may prefer fresh flowers. While most recipients love the look and feel of The Million Roses bouquets, some more traditional recipients may prefer fresh flowers. If a recipient loves fresh flowers, it is unlikely that a bouquet of long-lasting roses will be appealing to them. Considering the cost of The Million Roses bouquets, it would not be a wise decision to purchase a long-lasting bouquet for a fresh flower purist.

Flower bouquets will collect dust and need to be dusted on occasion. While there is very little maintenance that needs to be done to keep The Million Roses bouquets looking good, if they are placed in the direct sun they are subject to fading (along with the box in which they arrive) and will also collect dust if placed in certain areas.

The Million Roses does not offer returns or refunds because their floral arrangements are made to order. If you receive a bouquet that has been damaged in transit, you must submit pictures to their customer service team to be eligible for a replacement bouquet. If your arrangement was damaged, you may then return it for a replacement bouquet, or for store credit only. Gift cards are also non-refundable or returnable.


The Million Roses targets women between ages 30-50, however younger women also appreciate the luxury of these gifts. Young celebrities have made long-lasting roses very popular through various social media posts and trends. There is no denying the luxe of receiving a beautiful box of perfectly arranged long-lasting real roses. Men who are financially stable also love these bouquets. Single women also love gifting these bouquets to themselves for added luxury around their homes and offices. The Million Roses also specializes in corporate gifts.

How long does the product last?

The Million Roses bouquets will last up to three years with proper care. Of all the other long-lasting rose companies reviewed, The Million Roses are the only company that extends the life of their roses over a year. This sets them apart and creates a deeper value for their product.


While it is unclear how frequently The Million Roses executes sales, they do offer a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale featuring products for 40% off. Most the bouquets were included in this sale, which made their price point much lower than other competitors. Additionally, signing up for their email blast will give you a code for 15% off of your first order.


The Million Roses bouquets are ideal for gifting. Bouquets are perfect for virtually any occasion, including sympathy and gifts in memoriam. In fact, they offer roses in muted colors available in encasements that are traditional and subdued. The Million Roses bouquets can be enjoyed much longer than a traditional bouquet. The Million Roses make perfect gifts for practically anyone, with single blooms priced at $49. A thoughtful and sincere gift is accessible with lower price points for lower bloom counts.


The Million Roses has great customer service, and all reviews related to their customer service were extremely positive. Their website is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of detailed information about their products, shipping, and company. The Million Roses provides an email address, phone number, and web-based messaging system on their website, so communicating with them is very simple.

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The Million Roses arrive in a beautiful box or acrylic encasement. The rose bouquets are professionally arranged inside the box and do not require any setup, transfer, water, or "Bluffing" Recipients report that the colors of the roses are very true to online renderings. Unboxing The Million Roses bouquets reveals a pleasant, rose scent which recipients love.


Shipping options include hand delivery in the greater Los Angeles area, pick up at the retail store in Los Angeles, and delivery. The Million Roses delivers nationwide and to fifty different countries. Shipping costs are determined by location.You can select a date for delivery in the future, however it is noted on their website that once the bouquet leaves their facility they cannot control whether a delivery will arrive a day before or after it is scheduled. While it is rare, it is noted that it happens. However, if your delivery does not arrive on the intended day, The Million Roses will refund your shipping fees.