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TimTam percussive massagers are known for their powerful message capabilities, being great replacements for expensive chiropractic weekly visits, and TimTam is a trusted company by thousands of customers since 2016. This company was founded by the UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre, his coach Firas Zahabi, and the physical therapist/author Kelly Starrett. The TimTam was made to improve athletes' performance and the recovery process.

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  • TimTam percussive massagers are known for their powerful message capabilities, being great replacements for expensive chiropractic weekly visits, and TimTam is a trusted company by thousands of customers since 2016. This company was founded by the UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre, his coach Firas Zahabi, and the physical therapist/author Kelly Starrett. The TimTam was made to improve athletes' performance and the recovery process.
  • The original TimTam is the first massage gun to start the percussive massage gun trend. They have had a following for a while. Their massagers come with a vibrating tip, an automatic heated tip, a short 85 round therapy tip, and that is for their pro power massager. This massager and the power massagers on TimTams site are for personal use, professional use, heat application, cold application, broad muscles, and deep-tissue intensity. The pocket massager is great for small muscle aches and tight knots to help recover faster. The all-new power massager by TimTam is really great for treating the same areas as the massager, except it only comes with the 85 round therapy tip head, and not the other head attachments.
  • TimTams have an adjustable arm that can move into seven different positions, which none of it's competitors offer.
  • TimTam percussive massagers are made with anti microbal plastics which is actually very important for a massage gun because it touches the skin, needs to be cleaned, and if someone is working up a sweat while getting massaged there is no worry about bacteria build up in the plastic. TiamTams competitors don't offer this.
Price range $199 - $499

TimTam begins at $199.99 with it's smallest device called the pocket massager, then $249.99 with the all new massager, and then $499.99 with the pro massager.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Compared to it's competitors, TimTam falls in the middle. It has the same price of $199.99 for its' pocket massager as its' competitors smallest percussive massage guns. Then, it's middle percussive massage gun at $249.99 is the same as the Thergun prime option and less expensive than the Hypervolt which is typically priced at $349. Then, the TimTam pro option is priced at $499.99, which is $100 more than the Hypervolt Plus. The price jump is big from the TimTam all new massager to it's pro massager, wheras the price jump for the Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus is only $50. The Theraguns top massage gun, the PRO, is $100 more than TimTams pro option. TimTam is the middle priced option.


TimTam is used by professional athletes around the world and is the only massages with four customizable programs for the neck and back for customized pain relief. It's a product that is highly geared toward men who need powerful massages for their muscles. It definitely is powerful and is endorsed by several athletes.

The TimTam is advertised as getting a one-hour full body massage in three minutes of use. This is a great way to market their product if they boast the best power against their competitors.

TimTam offers a 30 day trial for their percussive therapy guns or a money-back guarantee. This is not advertised by competitors.

TimTam is the only percussive device on the market that has a heated tip and heat sensors for therapeutic relief. This is an amazing feature for a massage gun to have. It also has four different international charging options.


TimTam percussive massager looks like power tools. Not their pocket option but the all-new and pro option looks like power tools and they're designed very aggressively. They look kind of uninviting to put on sore muscles and places that have a lot of tension. Personally, I am least attracted to the TimTam percussive massager- it looks very masculine and looks like it's built for big athletic men. They look aggressively powerful- not in a comforting or healing way.

Although the TimTam is fairly inexpensive for a percussive massage gun, the price jump from the all-new TimTam to the pro TimTam option is unfortunate. For a customer who wants all the features the TimTam pro offers, it's much harder to attain this option because it's $250 more than the all-new option.

TimTam percussive massage devices are very loud. They are advertised as running from 10-35 DB which is entirely inaccurate. 10db is equivalent to the sound of a person breathing and 35db is equivalent to the sound of a whisper or light snoring. The TimTam percussive massage devices are so loud, customers have to yell over them. In a trusted youtube review by a physical therapist, when he turns the TimTam all-new on, it sounds like a drill.

it's narrowly catered to a specific target audience because of it's design and color. It's the least user-friendly option for women.


The ideal target market for the TimTam is men between their 30s-60s that are intense athletes, gym-goers, or physical therapists. The price of the highest TimTam is what would sway younger guys from buying this product. Women can obviously enjoy this product, but I see more men gravitating towards this percussive therapy gun. This gun would be great for physical therapists working on athletes' muscles before or after games. Because this therapy gun was made by a UFC champion, his coach, and his physical therapist, it feels obvious why the design is very masculine leaning. It also makes sense why this product is boasted as being very powerful and on a site that also offers protein powder supplements.

How long does the product last?

TimTams have 60-minute battery life on the highest capacity on all their massagers. They have a one year warranty and last depending on their amount of use. If a physical therapist is using a TimTam every day on patients it will run out sooner than if an individual is using a TimTam once a month.


There is currently a holiday promotion bundle of the pro and pocket TimTams and a pulse massager from TimTam all for the price of $549.99. This bundle is usually $849.97. There is also a promo for buying the pro percussive massager and getting the pocket massager for free. TimTam also has holiday promotions of two free gifts added to the purchase of any percussive massager. The gifts are recovery balms, therapy gel, massage balls, metal tip sets for the massager, and many other options that are usually priced at $15.99-$59.99. There are always installment options available at TimTam- but they come at a higher price than Theragun.


This product is expensive, but it is not too expensive to gift- especially the all-new TimTam and the pocket TImTam and with the sales going on right now on their website. I think this is a good product to gift for men- I don't think this is a female-friendly product compared to other massage guns. This gift is very specific and a kind gesture but it's not an exciting gift to receive. That is subjective but I would rather have a percussive gun from Theragun or Hypervolt as a gift. TimTam is great for pain and muscle relief and tension, but I think this is a gift geared toward men and men that care about the fitness or need a very powerful massage gun.


The customer service on TimTam is very straightforward with email and phone contact. There is information on the TimTam website about the return policy, warranty policy, terms of the policy, and exactly what a customer has to do if they don't like or have a problem with their percussive therapy device. There are thousands of reviews on the Tim Tam website and there are only seven one-star reviews and 1784 five-star reviews out of 2030 total reviews. The reviews talk a lot about the amazing product, the great customer service, and how their powerful massagers offer really great relief for pain in deep tissue muscles and general soreness. There are various reviews within the past two months talking about friendly and helpful customer service is and how they've helped people with their purchases and helped them with items that might have been delivered with defects. Customer service at TimTam is very good at resolving issues, for example, one customer was sent a new free charger when they ordered the pro massager because their pro massager didn't work when they ordered it.

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The TimTam percussive massage devices come in a black and red cardboard box, which features reviews and information on the sides of the boxes. Within that box is a black zipper case with information, rewards, and the TimTam device, head attachments, and chargers stuck in foam slots. The case is nice and well organized, and aesthetically it's pleasing to receive, but it does look like a power tool case and it's unfortunately catered towards men.


TimTam advertises standard shipping for some products (the massagers included) and then only offers priority and priority express shipping for other items- the priority and express take 1-2 days. There are currently no delays advertised on the TimTam website.