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USA Military Medals is an armed forces superstore. They offer a wide range of military uniform items, such as medals, ribbons, badges, devices, attachments, and tactical gear. The company boasts of having 30,000 US Armed Forces items currently in stock. With both an in-person store and an online store, USA Military Medals is a one-stop-shop for any military items you might need.

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  • USA Military Medals is an armed forces superstore. They offer a wide range of military uniform items, such as medals, ribbons, badges, devices, attachments, and tactical gear. The company boasts of having 30,000 US Armed Forces items currently in stock. With both an in-person store and an online store, USA Military Medals is a one-stop-shop for any military items you might need.
  • At USA Military Medals, 99% of orders ship within 24 business hours. The company offers same-day and next-day delivery options. Customers in Portland, OR, can also visit their in-person storefront. Overall, the company offers several options for quick, convenient, and friendly service.
  • USA Military Medals offers a range of building tools to create customized medal racks, shadow boxes, and other gear. One of their most popular tools is the EZ Rack Builder, which lets customers build a customized military medal display rack. Their online store also includes separate leather tag, name tag, dog tag, navy cap, and USWAG builders. Customers can also create an online account that allows them to permanently save the items they build using these tools. This wide range of tools allows customers to find exactly what they need.
  • USA Military Medals lets customers personalize any inventory item with text, artwork, and more. Like their building tools, this feature gives users the opportunity to personalize a huge variety of items. For example, customers can have their medal rack stamped onto t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and more.
Price range $7.69 - $159.49

The cost ranges based on the type of product and the customization level. Military medals cost anywhere from $7.69 for a miniature medal to $159.49. Combat uniform items are available from $8.99 to $199.99. Custom-built medal racks start at $14.99, and custom shadow boxes start at $119.99. Finally, custom-built ribbon racks start at $9.99.

Cost Compared to Competitors

Compared to its competitors, particularly Medals of America, USA Military Medals is on the expensive side. At Medals of America, custom shadow boxes start at $49.95, and medal racks start at $4.95. At USA Military Medals, the cost of a shadow box starts at $119.99, while a medal rack starts at $14.99. Ribbon racks from Medals of America cost as low as $1.65, while they start at $9.99 from USA Military Medals.


USA Military Medals offers a range of customization options. This is one of the most appealing features of this company. Their website and building tools are simple and user friendly, and it allows you to create custom medal racks, shadow boxes, dog tags, name tags, and more. Customers can create a perfect product without having to make any compromises.

USA Military Medals has excellent customer service. The store is staffed by veterans who are knowledgeable about their inventory and services. Their customer service team is highly responsive and willing to fix any issues with people? orders. Overall, customers tend to have a very positive experience when purchasing anything from this company.

This company has a huge inventory and offers a wide range of services. They seem to have almost anything you could think of that is related to the armed forces. The size of their inventory ensures that customers never have to settle- they can find exactly what they need.

Shipping is usually done quickly and efficiently. Many customers praise USA Military Medals for their efficiency. Orders tend to come on time or early. Moreover, if an order is incorrect, the customer service team is more than willing to fix or replace it.


USA Military Medals does not work on any products produced by other companies. In other words, if someone is looking to get an update on a medal rack that was made by another company, USA Military Medals will not be able to help. The company claims that this is because the work of other companies does not meet their standards.

Shipping can be expensive. Although their shipping is usually fast, it is also quite pricey. Additionally, the company only has one storefront in Portland, OR. Anyone who is not living in that area will not have the option to pick up their items in person to avoid the high shipping cost.

USA Military Medals does not offer an option to update thin ribbons. Anyone looking to get a ribbon added to a permanent thin ribbon rack should look elsewhere to have the service completed. Similar companies do offer this service. USA Military Medals claims that their policy regarding this service is based on market research.

Medal racks and other customized goods sometimes arrive in poor condition. Customers have complained that their products have arrived looking messy, uneven, or poor-quality. This is not always the case; however, it is certainly a relevant issue with USA Military Medals. It is important to note that the company is usually willing to replace or repair any order that arrives in an unsatisfactory condition.


The ideal customer for USA Military Medals is a veteran or someone related to a veteran. All of their inventory is related to the military.

How long does the product last?

This depends on the particular product purchased. Racks and shadow boxes should last for many years if treated correctly. Similarly, awards, uniforms, and gear lasts for many years, as long as it is maintained properly. The product that faces the most issues when it comes to quality is the face masks. Some customers have received face masks that were not built correctly and have fallen apart after a few uses or washes.


One coupon that is currently offered is good for 15% off any in-store purchase. The company usually has sales around the holidays (November/December). In addition, they offer a rewards program that includes perks and points redeemable for various rewards.


This is a great gift for veterans or family members of veterans. A military medal rack or shadow box is a thoughtful and customizable gift to honor anyone who has served in the armed forces. There are also many other personalization options, including dog tags, navy caps, name tags, and other swag. With so many ways to customize their products, as well as a huge inventory, one could easily find the perfect gift for a veteran.


The customer service at USA Military Medals is excellent. The store is operated and staffed by veterans who fully understand their products and services. It is easy to get in touch with someone from the customer service staff. The website lists a phone number and email that can be used to reach the staff. Moreover, the company does have a storefront in Portland that customers can visit for assistance. Additionally, whenever a customer receives the wrong order or one that is unsatisfactory, the customer service staff quickly responds to the problem and offers to replace or fix the item, often including an extra discount, too.

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There is nothing extraordinary about their packaging.


The company claims that 99% of orders ship within 24 business hours and that customer should allow for two business days for their orders to be packaged and shipped. Shipping is generally quick and reliable, although this is not always the case. Some customers have complained that, after ordering face masks, they had to wait for several months before the masks arrived. This may be due, in part, to COVID-19.