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Venus et Fleur flower bouquets last up to one year. This is beneficial because most floral arrangements only last about a week. Traditional, live floral arrangements are expensive and once they die there is nothing left behind for the recipient to treasure. With a bouquet from Venus et Fleur, the recipient is gifted beautiful, real flowers that can be enjoyed every day for up to an entire year.

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  • Venus et Fleur flower bouquets last up to one year. This is beneficial because most floral arrangements only last about a week. Traditional, live floral arrangements are expensive and once they die there is nothing left behind for the recipient to treasure. With a bouquet from Venus et Fleur, the recipient is gifted beautiful, real flowers that can be enjoyed every day for up to an entire year.
  • Venus et Fleur offers floral arrangements and additional products, like candles. This gives shoppers the option to add something to a long lasting floral arrangement, or to purchase something completely different if the recipient isn? a fan of flowers. Venus et Fleur also offers boxed sets of flowers and candles, which may appeal to shoppers on more limited budgets. Additionally, during the holidays, Venus et Fleur offers traditional holiday gifts, like advent calendars, which an updated, very Venus feel. You can also purchase a miniature ornament that contains either a votive candle or a single flower. These options make ordering from Venus et Fleur accessible to shoppers on a more limited budget.
  • Venus et Fleur offers products that are unique and stand out from a traditional rose bouquet. The traditional dozen roses are lovely, but the flowers die within a week. The cost of a bouquet of flowers is high considering the flowers do not last. Venus et fleur is perfect for people who love to give and receive floral arrangements, but want to be able to enjoy the gift longer than a week.
  • Venus et Fleur features a selection of holiday themed gifts. During the holiday season, shoppers can explore Venus et Fleur and purchase holiday specific gifts. Venus offers an advent calendar that contains twelve high-end, luxury gifts, including long-lasting flowers, votive candles, and candle burning accessories. Venus also offers boxed ornaments that can be hung on a tree. Each ornament contains either a single long-lasting bloom in a petite round case, or a votive candle. These make beautiful gifts for teachers, parents, neighbors, and anyone who deserves to know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.
Price range $44 - $1,500

The cost of the products offered by Venus et Fleur ranges between $44.00 and $1,500.00. As such, there is truly something available for every budget.

Cost Compared to Competitors

At the popular 39-43 bloom range, Venus et Fleur is less expensive than the competition, at about $9.50 per bloom. However, when competitors like The Million Roses hosts their Cyber Monday sale, they are more expensive. Some prices are unable to be compared because Venus et Fleur offers products (like candles) that their competitors do not. Venus et Fleur offers several different flower varieties.


Venus et Fleur bouquets last longer than traditional bouquets; up to one year. While its bouquets likely last longer than a year, they are guaranteed to withstand up to a year's time. Thus, giving the gift of a bouquet from Venus et Fleur is like giving a recipient a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers each day for a year. The flowers hold their color and shape, provided they are taken care of and not disturbed. It? important to note that the flowers should never be removed from their encasements or hat boxes.

Venus et Fleur gifts are suitable for a myriad of recipients. While some long-lasting floral arrangement companies focus solely on larger bouquets of flowers and do not offer any other gifting options, Venus et Fleur offers smaller bouquets and non-floral gifts that are appropriate for practically anyone.

Venus et Fleur offers luxury gifts for discriminating recipients. Gifts purchased from Venus et Fleur are high end gifts that arrive in luxe packaging and capture the essence of class and sophistication in gift giving. As such, discriminating recipients will be delighted with their gifts. If you are searching for a marketplace that offers luxury and value, Venus et Fleur is a perfect match.

Venus et Fleur offers holiday themed gifts, suitable for many on your gift list. The holiday themed gifts offered by Venus et Fleur are perfect for both traditional and non-traditional winter holidays. Additionally, the gift of a floral arrangement that will last until the next holiday is a thoughtful way to enhance someone? entire year, even after the holiday season is over.


The price point of long lasting roses is much higher than traditional bouquets. Traditional floral bouquets are expensive, costing anywhere from $100-$500 on average, however bouquets from Venus et Fleur cost at least twice this amount. This can make giving long lasting flowers a gift only available to those on more flexible budgets. However, the value of a bouquet that lasts longer than one week? time should also be considered.

Hand delivery is only available in the New York City and Los Angeles areas. If you would like to pick up your arrangements and gifts, you may do so at one of their retail stores, also located in these areas.

The cost of Venus et Fleur's non-floral gifts is higher than comparable items from other retailers. While Venus et Fleur does appear to have lower prices than competitors for their floral arrangements, their candles and other gifts are higher compared to other luxury candle brands. This may make Venus et Fleur candles and gifts less appealing to discriminating buyers.

No returns are available. This is pretty standard in the long lasting flower industry, however this may make some shoppers uninterested. They do have a refund policy, but it is not listed on their website.


Because Venus et Fleur offers an array of gifts, women aged 30 and up seem to love this retailer. Men aged 30 and up also love long-lasting roses, and the ability to gift other items. The lower price point of some of Venus et Fleur's gifts makes this retailer more accessible to younger consumers than some of their competitors. Gifters of both sexes in their 40's and 50's will enjoy these products.

How long does the product last?

Venus et Fleur bouquets will last up to one year, possibly longer. Candles will last between 20-85 hours depending on size.


Venus et Fleur offers complimentary shipping on your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. Additionally, you may receive complimentary shipping on orders over $144 during special holidays with a promotional code advertised on their website.


Venus et Fleur specializes in gifts for all occasions, and for "just because." For receptions that prefer non-floral gifts, Venus et Fleur offers essential oil candles. Venus et Fleur also features holiday gifts like votive candle ornaments, an advent calendar box, and single rose ornaments. There is a wide variety of options on the website at different price points. Gifts from Venus et Fleur are classy, luxurious, deeply thoughtful and unique. A single flower option is available which is suitable for practically anyone on a gift list.


Customer service is exceptional with Venus et Fleur. Live chat is offered on their website, and an email and telephone number are also provided. Reviews show that customer service is reliable and efficient. Reviews related to customer service were all positive. The refund policy is not listed on their website, but says it is available if you call for it.

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Gifts from Venus et Fleur arrive in beautiful boxes that are aesthetically appealing. Boxes are crafted from luxe materials. Floral arrangements are carefully assembled and do not experience damage during transit. You will not need to arrange our situate your bouquet once it is received; it has been arranged by a floral designer prior to delivery. Reviews of this product suggest the recipient is very pleased with the visual appeal of the floral arrangements. This company has nothing but positive reviews regarding product receipt.


Venus et Fleur ships nationwide and to fifty different countries. You may also opt for contactless hand delivery, or you may pick up your order at a retail store. Shipping cost varies by location, although smaller arrangements are subject to a $10 flat rate shipping fee. There is no guarantee for timely delivery of your product once it leaves the shipping facility. Venus et Fleur does allow you to choose a specific delivery date in the future, however they do note that occasionally the carrier will deliver the package a day late or a day early.